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Max Shaweii: Chapter 1 The Ballad of Fra

By GodzillaGTADyom

Max Shawaii onces meet the guy called as Rick Francen with his friend as Joro. He then works few jobs for Rick Francen before the end!



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Added by Svetoslav LOL on Mar 04 2018, 09:49
Hey! Do you copy my storyline: The ballad of gay Johny?
If you are,well delete it.
Added by GodzillaGTADyom on Mar 04 2018, 13:43
nope, it didn't it had different storyline. Next chapter won't copy anything. It just had same name but different storyline so no
Added by Yasir RFL on Mar 05 2018, 13:31
Svetoslav LOL, he didn't steal your SL, don't judge without playing. I rate it 3/5.
Added by GodzillaGTADyom on Mar 12 2018, 13:57
Svetoslav LOL. I didn't steal any ideas from your storyline, get over it now. Im just renamed my storyline to The Jobs for France now. I ain't copying your storyline the ballad of gay johny now. go see if i really copy your ideas or steal your ideas!
Added by TQR on Mar 12 2018, 18:13
lets start recording it then
Added by Svetoslav LOL on Mar 16 2018, 21:41
No man.It's Okay.Don't worry.
I just have seen:
The ballad of Francen.
And...I haved in mind that he stealed the NAME.Not mission,not character.Only the NAME

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