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S.A.R.S. #7 : Event 7

By ProDX34

Welcome to San Andreas Racing Series
San Andreas Racing Series is Back!

Surprised? Well... I decided to return and try to revive this popular racing series at its era, but I also decided not to return to forum in purpose, don't ask me why. For designers here yet who don't know me, ignore this and pretend it's a "HI" from me :P

In this game, you'll play as one of drivers who presented in LwFS (Life with Full Speed) series. Your goal is simple, fight against other opponents to get your win! Unlike the previous race, there's no story as I don't have any plan for it, just a fun kart race with prodigious number of participants which is same built as SARS event 2.

Race Condition
Driver Name : Nate Mcfarland
Race Type : Kart Race
Participants : 20 Drivers
Your Position : 20th
Location : The High Roller - Las Venturas
Distance : 2.75 Miles / 3 Laps

Update :
- Added a new type of race : One-Lap Magic, this is the race which player must use their perfect lines to catch up and overtake all of the opponents in just one lap. Each opponent use different car and slower but the gap is much far from player. PROFESSIONAL ONLY!
Driver Name : Frei Rizzi
Race Type : One-Lap Magic Race
Participants : 6 Drivers
Your Position : 6th
Location : The High Roller - Las Venturas
Distance : 0.92 Miles / 1 Lap
- Added new race can be found under "special" folder.

Important Note :
- For better and stable challenge, limit your frame rate game at least 30 FPS or below 60 FPS (Lower the FPS meant harder race, same goes with the opposite)
- Due large size of archive, soundtrack can be downloaded here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/wsz7735w41o0y86/SARS07.rar?dl=0
- In One-Lap Magic, it is possible to "cheat" during countdown, to avoid ruining the fun just DON'T do it!


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Added by abdulrahman on May 31 2019, 09:24
Look who is back!
Long time no seen body!

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