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[MP] BATTLE San Fierro (Remake)

By John David

Seems the old MP of Battle San Fierro I made, was pretty bad and incoherent story. But with this remake one. I'm now going to correct everything, based on the old story I made on the previous one. Also, the story, characters, and everything has been changed, suggested me back on Heisenberg_GR.

September 1985, a local government of San Fierro declared a new hope of the city, which provide a new rules for people, in any moments, an unknown person assassinate the local government before announcing the rules, causes to start a panic. Few hours, after assasination the local government at San Fierro, on Saint Helen's Boat, a russian leader named Rolan Mangu, brought reinforcements and sent and scattered all his mens to start Rolan's plan to takeover San Fierro, means to annihilate and control people and everything, if Rolan Mangu success to his plans after taking San Fierro, he might control all over the world of San Andreas. Who could have done this? None of this makes more sense.

On Spetsnaz Base Headquarters, one of the police men on San Fierro report a news to the leader, Sagara Mateo, about the tragedy happening to San Fierro, he received about what happened to the local government, which the cause of death is the shot on head, same this on his bodyguards before calling for backup. Sagara's best agents, Grekov Mateo and Utopia Simile sent them to infiltrate San Fierro and find everything what's on the russian's objective. it is a suicidal mission. We have no choice, but to triggered a civil war between russians and people out there.

THIS IS A DEMO Release, which contains true elaboration of the story of the old [MP] Battle San Fierro.


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