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Driver 2: The wheelman is back CH.3 - LV

By RedBaronFromTheUG

Driver 2: Las Vegas Undercover is a storyline with the intent to remake the las vegas section of Undercover mode, It includes original dialogue and yellow texts with some new ones and altered chain of events in Steal The Ambulance and Destroy the yard in which you jump off the car lot, VERY EXCITING chain of events right here. that's why it is considered a remake.

Jones and Tanner gets Jericho in Havana and lose the brazilians that were chasing Jericho, Jones proposes a deal, Tanner agrees and heads to Las Vegas where Caine is currently located, since Vasquez is shipping hardware there and it's the location where Lenny is currently located, Tanner makes the deal and heads to his safehouse where he awaits a new job given to him from Caine.

Driver 2 Skins: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7xf9p09lodnct96/AAC0Wq_ecM6UX5OR-nX7N__ia?dl=0

Currently the skins available are:
-John Tanner
-Tobias Jones

SD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cmvgl6i7er9n92/SD.rar?dl=0

Copy the link and paste it on another guide or window of your browser

NOTE: Dropbox might not show the download to the archive if you don't deactivate your adblock or similar extension so deactivate if you have one in the first place.

To install the SD just paste it into your gta san andreas user files folder and enjoy a complete experience.

If you don't want to install the SD well things will be pale and blank and well... don't let the size of the folder scare you okay?

This storyline will autorun, and pressing Y+N together will trigger a menu which allows you to save, load or quit the storyline. you can press SPACE to confirm your choice.

Please create an account and rate this, cause, If you all rate this well (at least 4 stars), i might do a Driver: San Francisco Undercover and a Driver: Los Angeles Undercover. All these two will follow the story of Tanner in his first journey we ever experienced back in 1999.

Don't just rate, comment if you have an opinion about my storyline, like if i done something wrong or done something very right, cause after all, this is my first storyline.

Also don't just view, because i don't want people to watch the cover and then just leave at least download the mod and play to see if you like it!

In case of music still playing and other petty issues be sure to download DYOM#

UPDATE: Thanks to an unidentified user, we will indeed have a Driver: San Francisco Undercover and Los Angeles Undercover, but you will not be able to exit the car! only in the end of a mission, or in a cutscene.

Demo Version: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/62488


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