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A Tale of the Ghosts - Episode 2

By leoncj

New players can enjoy this story without playing Ghost Ship: Remastered, but it is recommended.
Very highly recommended to play with added sounds, be sure to download the SD files.
Recommended not to use any kind of mods or health cheats.
Recommend only to use the PROFESSIONALKILLER cheatcode.
Recommended to play with headphones on.
Recommended to play with the DYOM# addon by @SIZZZ


SD FILES: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7nlxj0ictn9fdu9/Ep_2_SD.rar/file

Continues the story of Ghost Ship.
When I finished and improved a bit the story of Ghost Ship with releasing the remastered version 8 years later, I've decided to continue the story about the book - A Tale of the Ghosts, so this kinda does feel like a Ghost Ship 2, but it's a whole new mission-pack. A Tale of the Ghosts is an episodic mission-pack.

You take control of two main protagonists who end up being haunted by the ghost book.
James Collin, a guy who was at the wrong place in the wrong time and Tara White, the daughter of Chris and Alessa Whites.

Different characters provide different survival tactics and skills.
At certain points, you will have to choose who you want to play as.
Bringing back some of the aspects and gameplay from my very old mission-pack series, like The Survivors, where you always have a companion ally who has their own skills
and how each character the player plays as also has their own specialty, like different weapons and health.

24 years later after the tragic incident of Ghost Ship in San Fierro.

After the mysterious death of Chris White, Alessa White, the mother of Tara White was sent to an asylum by the authorities due to her "crazy" story of how her husband was torn to pieces by the ghosts from the ghost world.
Their daughter, Tara White, who recently got practice work in the Ocean Docks, Los Santos continues with her life, but soon finds out
that her parents past has come to haunt her. Struggling with nightmares about ghosts, evil spirits and one particular female ghost, she tries to ignore it all and live on.
Meanwhile, an interesting shipment arrived to the docks where James Collin works his late night shift in the warehouse.
A Tale of the Ghosts - a mysterious non-English book bought by a huge VIP of Los Santos that causes weird appearances of odd things.
Soon Tara and James will have to fight together with the demons from the other world and put a stop to the book for once and for all.

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