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Everyone, please rate and comment my missions. There is only one person comment on my wall now....
But there's DyomDevil comment on my mission Harvest Season too.


MembergroupDYOM Designer
BirthdateMay 26th
RespectListVergilDD, for first rating and comment on my wall(also thanks him for continue making my missions)
The DYOM Moderators, creators, staffs, and the Secronom President.
DyomDevil, for rating and comment on my missions
(: And every DYOM Users and Designers :)
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Jan 14 '12
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May 22 '12
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Special Ep.1 Final Revenge Jan 14 2012, 10:07581712411
Special Ep.2 Final Revenge Jan 14 2012, 10:14583312491
Harvest SeasonApr 22 2012, 08:15576810992
Escaping the Prison(P.Man Series)May 05 2012, 11:38-76110171
Breaking the Bank (P.Man Series)May 05 2012, 11:40-7189931


Added by VergilDD on Feb 03 2012, 15:20
Thanks for telling me how to type color text, but you are too late I already know how to type color text, Thanks! If you can please rate my "Sex(Professional)" mission. Link:http://www.dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=15600. Thanks again!
Added by Jellalkoay on Feb 25 2012, 10:17
Thank you, but my SA got problem and cannot play.
Added by VergilDD on Mar 06 2012, 14:24
Thanks for rating my mission "Sex(Professional)". Did you play the mission? O man I forget your SA got a problem! Can you what is gone wrong in the SA, i will be able to help you to solve the problem. BTW I always love being friends with ever one, you can give me your email or Facebook names. And If you need any help with DYOM just ask me. Thanks.
Added by VergilDD on Apr 01 2012, 05:26
I'll try to make the missins. But first tell me how the story continue and how the missions should looks like. And them i' ll try to make the missions.
Added by VergilDD on Apr 07 2012, 16:20
I got the information i want, so i will make the mission!
Added by Jellalkoay on Apr 08 2012, 10:15
Added by VergilDD on Apr 21 2012, 16:52
Create some actors, select actor in the objective menu and turn on the kill all enemy option then tune that actor as you want and press ready and select the colour that want to be displayed in the map! That's all.;-)
Added by VergilDD on Apr 22 2012, 08:00
Pleasure to be at your service.:)
Added by VergilDD on Apr 22 2012, 14:09
Thank you very much! :)
Added by VergilDD on Apr 23 2012, 03:15
And i'll continue your missions!
Added by VergilDD on Apr 24 2012, 04:53
Did you send me a request in the Facebook? I accept it. :)
Added by VergilDD on Apr 27 2012, 14:57
Hey man when are you online in the FB? What is your time zone? :(
Added by VergilDD on Apr 27 2012, 14:58
And who is the only one commenting in your wall? ;)
Added by VergilDD on May 21 2012, 16:24
Yes! I don"t go for a long time, If there is someone to chat I'll wait for a many time! :)
Added by VergilDD on Oct 03 2012, 02:21
Hey Jellalkoay! Why no answer from long time? And have played my new "The Dark Rises" missions? I have completed the first chapter and already had uploaded it the site! Later!
Added by Behroz Hyder on Feb 08 2014, 17:02
Jellakoay u asked how to make more than 1 actor objective.

first make how much actor you want but they must be the enemies, than make the objective actor and choose "kill all enemies" than if you kill the objective first you will have to kill the normal actors... :) i hopr this helped u *-*

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