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Hello Everyone. I am here because i want to remake GTA V missions to GTA SA and make some another missions for Users to enjoy. Do not leave bad comments and if you found any bugs in my missions, please report it.
My former name was I.A.L and i dont copy other users missions.
Thank you for reading this


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GTAV remaker

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Jun 15 '14
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Feb 25 '17
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
GTA V: Franklin And LamarJun 15 2014, 16:16-95111291
GTA V:Military HardwareJun 15 2014, 16:17-7599490
GTA V:The Paleto ScoreJun 15 2014, 16:18-73310780
GTA V:The Ballad Of RoccoJun 15 2014, 16:19-5899740
GTA V: Crystal MazeJun 15 2014, 16:19-6709030
GTA V: Blitz PlayJun 18 2014, 09:45-9309670
UGS: IntroductionJul 01 2014, 08:50-4437440
UGS: First TaskJul 01 2014, 10:59-4437920
Escort Job (Dont Download)Jul 02 2014, 15:51-5238480
GTA V: Friends ReunitedJul 06 2014, 10:12-8468840
GTA V: The Hotel AssassinationJul 07 2014, 16:18-85010140
Mafia II: Per Aspera Ad AstraJul 12 2014, 08:55-6567660
UGS: Escort Job Aug 06 2014, 14:34-4735310
UGS: War started Aug 07 2014, 12:48-4636950


Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Jun 16 2014, 02:48
You don't have skills to make a mission like that. Sorry...
Added by GTAV remaker on Jun 16 2014, 11:03
xxGTAXIVxx , well i am new in DYOM and i am trying to make GTA V missions as best as i can. you see my first missions wasnt good but now im making them better. And i have a question. why you didnt make the other GTA V missions?
Added by GTAV remaker on Jun 16 2014, 11:06
I am making Blitz Play mission and i cant delete an actor.
There is another bug in my mission that i cant load the cutscene in mission because of this actor. Can you help me for this?
Added by GTAV remaker on Jun 18 2014, 09:43
The actor bug has been fixed and you can play the mission.
Reason : I think the problem was in the volume of walk animation
Added by Huzaifa on Jun 18 2014, 10:38
Hey, dude I like your working keep up with the good work :)
Added by GTAV remaker on Jun 18 2014, 11:20
Thanks Huzaifa. I hope you like my missions
Added by GTAV remaker on Jul 01 2014, 08:48
Well i am making a new storyline name UGS or Unity Gang Stories.
Added by ProDX34 on Aug 08 2014, 19:00
Hey pal, i saw your question on my profile, but...
I don't get it, did you had a bug which you're unable to pass the mission, or you wonder how i made it and could passed the mission?
Added by 007gamer007 on Dec 16 2015, 21:18
make more missions
Added by dyomek on Dec 21 2015, 15:14
@007gamer007 now, check when did he last time logged in, and see if you comment was nessecary

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