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Red Wolves Are Coming!!Straight Outta Our Way And Stay Back!!!!Or we will eat you!!
Red Wolves Help
-Our Site(rw-gtafox.co.cc)
-Site we support (www.gtafox.co.cc)


MembergroupDYOM Designer
RespectListI want my respect,
Either you're going to give it to me or I'm going to take it from you!!
I respect those who will respect me!!
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Red Wolves Team

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Jan 25 '12
Last Login
Apr 21 '12
Missions made
10 Avg: 4.2
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16 Avg: 4.3

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
MAFIA II-Chapter 1(Mission 1)Jan 25 2012, 18:153166511292
GTA Wanted-Lorenzo MatiazFeb 08 2012, 19:48-315210801
Agent:All Started NowMar 16 2012, 19:29591110466
Agent: Impacto 2Mar 16 2012, 19:3057588841
Agent: ImpactoMar 16 2012, 19:31-92810063
Agent: Big TrapMar 16 2012, 19:394.67112110332
Agent: The Fake CopMar 17 2012, 15:1839439732
Agent: The Biker BoysMar 24 2012, 11:07-9949740
Agent: The Biker Boys 2Mar 24 2012, 11:374.59058940
Agent: The Biker Boys 3Mar 24 2012, 13:414.59419500


Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 25 2012, 15:55
So, you the team who support Blue Ray Team. Welcome to the DYOM World. :)
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 26 2012, 02:08
Alright I will make it. And also, the Mafia II mission. Make it more so that I can make the trailer. ;)
Added by Reimes on Mar 15 2012, 12:49
Hey thanks for rating some of my missions.
Added by Blue Ray Team on Mar 16 2012, 20:05
Soon we need to make Agent:Zombies Zone & Agent:Gangsta Zone!!I hope we will finish this pack :D!!And then we will make another one :D!!
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 17 2012, 02:13
thanks you for mission (agent: big trap)

Can i join to your team and how???
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 17 2012, 20:07
i open (www.rw-gtafox.co.cc) but i found a virus
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 17 2012, 20:09
and i enter http://dyom.gtagames.nl/avatars/avatar1117.gif but i saw a wolfs Pictures
Added by greatcreations on Mar 18 2012, 04:46
thanks man
Added by greatcreations on Mar 18 2012, 04:47
we should try to make a misson together about.......
Added by greatcreations on Mar 18 2012, 04:49
i added u to my respect list u should reply to me on my profile
Added by VergilDD on Mar 18 2012, 06:32
Thanks for rating my mission!
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 18 2012, 17:56
Thank You (Red Wolves Team).
Added by greatcreations on Mar 19 2012, 00:16
im gonna call it Agent: The chase because almost all my headings start like that like the taken the border you know but how do i send it to you
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 19 2012, 22:46
Sorry Im Not Finishing It Yet.

please I Want ask you that how can i make mission protected from any changes that perhaps any one maybe do it.
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 20 2012, 10:45
red wolvs are you online??????????
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 20 2012, 10:52
thank you for the information you send it to me
know it is ok.
thank you very much
Added by greatcreations on Mar 21 2012, 00:15
i still dont get it lol
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 21 2012, 14:30
sorry for my question,are you aperson or you are ateam.
if you are aperson can you be my friend????
could you send me information about (DYOM)??
thank you.
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 22 2012, 14:59
how can i make police not follow me, i mean no police stars will be appear.
Added by (((GrOvE))) on Mar 23 2012, 01:07
Thank You to this information
Good luck.
Added by MercsFan99 on Mar 23 2012, 22:50
Thanks! Your missions are great too!!!
Added by MercsFan99 on Mar 24 2012, 17:26
I don't just like your misions... I love them!!
Added by MercsFan99 on Mar 24 2012, 17:26
You are WELL going in My RespectList!!!
Added by VergilDD on Mar 31 2012, 21:33
Thanks for downloading and rating my'The Secret Mission'!
Added by [S]hark21 on Apr 01 2012, 04:24
I'm in a goooood condition. :D
Do you still need the trailer Red Wolves?
Added by Blue Ray Team on Apr 02 2012, 20:37
Haha!you are so funny ;P!!!!
Added by Ezio on Apr 03 2012, 15:06
Hey man,love your missions.Check out my topic:
Play my missions and tell me how you feel please!
I need advice from a pro
Added by Blue Ray Team on Apr 04 2012, 13:49
I have to say i hate haters!! i hate ppl calling themselves G's or N's!!Am i right?
Added by lee_atsugai on Apr 05 2012, 13:47
Man, love your missions! Can you check out my topic:
Play my mission and give feedback :)
Added by greatcreations on Apr 06 2012, 01:02
can u rate my misson the arena
Added by Reimes on Apr 16 2012, 15:25
Hey Dude can u download my mission Povert rises! and rate the mission thank you.
Added by greatcreations on Apr 17 2012, 01:05
thanks dude
Added by [S]hark21 on Jul 16 2012, 15:28
Hey nice mission dude. But it still can be improve. Anyway, can you play my missionpack TSoAS? And the others if you like?
Topic to TSoAS:
Added by DyomDevil on Aug 08 2012, 11:02
exete ellines vlepo ;)
Added by Zombie on Aug 14 2012, 18:06
hey how to make the actors must killed to end the mission?
please send me comment to my profile page
Added by greatcreations on Aug 29 2013, 01:10
hello Red wolves check out my new pro
long time no talk

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