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Nov 14 '14
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Aug 14 '23
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fast race!!Nov 14 2014, 21:52557810271
dyom missions be likeAug 12 2023, 15:29-1002240
(GTASANS) Intro (2014)Aug 14 2023, 22:25-5679430


Added by gammoudicj on Nov 15 2014, 21:16
Hey dude, i saw your comment on my mission. If you want to know, yeah I'm arabic.
Added by abdulrahman on Nov 23 2014, 15:02
im arabic too lol
Added by sameer on Nov 23 2014, 16:18
Hello Man, Good Missions, Can You Please Play My Mission Behind All This Shit And Also Vote Me If You Liked :D Download Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/34642 Voting Link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/742466-motw-17-police/
Added by Huzaifa on Nov 27 2014, 14:19
Thanks, for your feedback :)
Added by Huzaifa on Nov 27 2014, 14:20
Try my new mission hope you like it :)
Added by mouaz on Nov 28 2014, 13:31
oh yeah and me gammoudicj
and your welcome Huzaifa
i dont have profile in : gtafourm.com but cool mission sameer
and you and you and you have a butiful mission
sorry for my bad englich :( :)
Added by |Pro|Designer| on Nov 28 2014, 13:49
Added by mouaz on Nov 28 2014, 16:04
Added by Huzaifa on Nov 28 2014, 17:15
Thanks alot pal, for looking forward my missions. I also play your missions and give you my feedback :) about my MP (GBR) I working on it a new GBR mission released in 2 or maybe 3 days. Right now I make new mission (Man hunt) street fighting 2) which i upload it tomorrow :)
Added by Huzaifa on Dec 01 2014, 06:37
Don't dissapointed my friend. I uploaded my mission now you can play :)
Added by Huzaifa on Dec 01 2014, 15:12
Thanks alot for your rating and comment. I highly appreciated it :)
Added by maoffense01 on Mar 30 2015, 06:31
Mouaz,thanks for your feedback,my friend!How'd you know that mission?This is my oldest mission.But thanks for your feedback!And your mission called "Fast Race",I really like it. ;)
Added by mouaz on Apr 22 2019, 21:10
I am back babies

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