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I am no longer making DYOM missions,you can still play my past missions if you want


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationUnited States
And everyone else on this website
Gtaforums.com UsernameTheClutch


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Nov 16 '14
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Sep 13 '15
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
RevengeNov 16 2014, 04:19-230414410
The BetrayalNov 19 2014, 22:24-78611950
The HighjackMay 03 2015, 05:12-63611280
TakedownMay 03 2015, 19:56-5799840
IntroductionMay 08 2015, 04:28-74312480
NeighborsMay 09 2015, 03:37-61311070
Making new friendsMay 11 2015, 02:06-58712980
ProtectionMay 11 2015, 02:07-63411790

Trailer List

GTA San Andreas custom mission Revenge Nov 16 2014, 06:12-


Added by Dhiman on Nov 16 2014, 06:09
Welcome to DYOM friend.
Added by Tukang Kerupuk on Apr 03 2015, 06:50
Hey man, please join here www.dyomunited.tk. The forum still new and need more members
Added by BenTheKiller on Apr 03 2015, 17:56
It doesn't work.It says "Sorry,the website www.dyomunited.tk cannot be found".
Added by BenTheKiller on Apr 03 2015, 17:58
Nevermind i found it,it's http://www.dyomutd.tk
Added by Tukang Kerupuk on Apr 05 2015, 04:32
Yeah, that's what I mean.
Added by BenTheKiller on Apr 05 2015, 04:36
Hey yo,what's your name on the website?
Added by maoffense01 on Apr 08 2015, 14:15
Added by BenTheKiller on Apr 08 2015, 21:36
Sup dude
Added by maoffense01 on Apr 09 2015, 11:55
I'm extreme,and you too,right?
Added by BenTheKiller on Apr 11 2015, 01:27
Yeah,same here
Added by maoffense01 on Apr 16 2015, 05:16
No,it doesn't.The DYOM United won't work forever.
Added by BenTheKiller on Apr 18 2015, 01:39
Why not?Something happened>
Added by Warbrother32 on Apr 18 2015, 08:19
Hi!The names Warbrother32 from India.Play*n rate my new storyline!
Added by Heisenberg_GR on May 03 2015, 03:56
Hello friend nice missions you got! Check my MP's and tell me your opinion if you want i'll appreciate it!
Added by maoffense01 on May 03 2015, 05:36
BenTheKiller,no thanks! You better finish your mission pack! And don't worry for my missions,I won't get mad to you for just playing it.You can rate it anytime. And take note,bro! Some of the players here are saying "hi",then they'll request you to play their missions.Just ignore them!
Added by BenTheKiller on May 03 2015, 05:46
The Rize of the Varrios Los Aztecas mp?It's discontinued.I stopped making it because of major tests at school,when testing was over i had no interest in the mp.I know about those people that go "Hi!" and ask you to play their missions.They're pretty much those spammers on YouTube asking if you can check out there channel.
Added by Warbrother32 on May 09 2015, 10:55
Hey,man.New San Vice storyline of my TWB(if you played it)Ch 2 beta.
Added by Jhandave on May 10 2015, 04:00
Hi! BenTheKiller ;D
Added by BenTheKiller on May 10 2015, 05:18
Added by Husnain on Oct 10 2015, 17:04
Great Awesome Missions rate all 5.5 Check mine and feedback it also in gtaforums on my topics i will highly Appreciate it

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