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Nov 26 '14
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Nov 17 '22
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
The Palomino Creek BankNov 27 2014, 14:024130912312
Kill the Killer (part 1)Jan 29 2015, 20:25568311323
Kill the Killer (part 2)Mar 08 2015, 15:17561110283
Gang war and Big Riot in rains and nightAug 24 2015, 01:513.6788614962
Drunk in the barSep 02 2015, 17:51585610926
(MOTW #20) The Parkour raceSep 15 2015, 03:214.33127912661
(MOTW #22) CJ Plays Five nights at FreedSep 29 2015, 20:24511053431
(MOTW #23) Grand Theft autoOct 08 2015, 16:2158512522


Added by Lion kill on May 02 2015, 20:10
Am making a mission called Big fight it is a very big fight you and your friend gotta defend yourselfs there will be like 100 enemy and 1 Armored enemy
Added by Lion kill on May 02 2015, 23:16
Sorry very much guys when I made the mission there was a lot of enemies so the game crashed
Added by Sylvester0123 on Aug 31 2015, 00:30
Nice mission bro
Added by Lion kill on Aug 31 2015, 03:49
well I was making the big fight but I will try again later. hopefully soon but it won't be so easy. diffcult : hard. because if your friend died you fail. and 100 enemies and 1 armored enemy will not be so easy to beat
Added by Sylvester0123 on Aug 31 2015, 04:15
add me in your respect i add you too
Added by XxProDzxX on Sep 01 2015, 20:19
Thanks man :D, glad u like it ! isn't a problem if ur not vote for me, the problem if my mission won't attracked some people to play it ;D
Added by XxProDzxX on Sep 01 2015, 20:20
BTW, i'm from "Algeria" ur "Egypt" right ?
Added by Lion kill on Sep 02 2015, 15:37
Added by Huzaifa on Sep 03 2015, 05:16
Thanks man for adding me in your Respectlist :)
Added by Sylvester0123 on Sep 03 2015, 11:05
So Why
Added by Husnain on Sep 03 2015, 14:55
Good Missions you have
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Sep 03 2015, 23:26
That Alessandro guy is fucking annoying! huh?
Added by Lion kill on Sep 04 2015, 00:03
Yeah GangstaZilla. when I downloaded his mission I scan it , it was a virus for me
Added by Jhandave on Sep 04 2015, 09:25
Thanks, Lion kill, what do u mean "To do one mp or storyline at the time"
Added by haap on Sep 04 2015, 16:24
hey lion wassup bro
Added by Sylvester0123 on Sep 05 2015, 00:21
That is demo Bro, But Thanks For Rate
Added by Sylvester0123 on Sep 05 2015, 11:00
Download My Mission [DEMO] Clear The Hood Rate my mission =)
Added by Lion kill on Sep 05 2015, 16:54
@Jhandave - I meant you don't have to do everything in one time, which will be hard especially if you are planing to do a lot of mission packs and storylines. you should finish making one mission pack then start in the other one later. because we know what will come out before you even start making it which is not making us interested at all
Added by Black Eagle on Sep 05 2015, 17:15
nice missions you have,man!
Added by KC10a on Sep 09 2015, 13:59
See my profile if you like it :)
Added by Lion kill on Sep 10 2015, 02:56
@KC10a - I will visit it.
Added by CobraZei on Sep 10 2015, 06:14
Please Rate my MOTW#19
Added by Lion kill on Sep 10 2015, 23:18
Already declined so I can't sorry. and I'm going to vote for DzxProx because he is my friend and his missions are good
Added by XxProDzxX on Sep 11 2015, 13:51
Well thanks for that much appreciate man really like kind of those guys :D , and thanks for voting to :D
Added by haap on Sep 14 2015, 16:31
Hi bro lion kill
Added by Jhan Dave on Sep 20 2015, 07:49
Hi! dude, it's me, Jhandave, your missions are cool there.
Added by Jhan Dave on Sep 20 2015, 07:50
I change my account now, my previous account is sucks and coompletely dead
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 02 2015, 09:20
OK What the fuck is your problem?! "Not a nice job at all 1/5 for your bitch alessandro. You virusing son of a bitch" That's why you said to me on Alessandro's "Delete Storyline" OK first of all, I'm not Alessandro's bitch. I hate that guy. Secondly, I figured out it was created by Heisenberg_GR afterwards
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 02 2015, 09:22
You asshole!! and thirdly, Did you even see my comment on Heisenberg's upload of SA Stories?!! I told him {The actual creator} He did a good job, and saying that to Alessandro was a mistake because it isn't Alessandro's Storyline but I didn't know at the time!! why do you gotta' act like an asshole like that?
Added by Lion kill on Oct 02 2015, 23:47
"Not a nice job at all 1/5 for your bitch alessandro. You virusing son of a bitch."
I was not talking to you. I was talking to Alessandro and I pressed r at the end of the word you and it became your by wrong
My comment was not against you and you just harassed me in my profile for no reason. next time you should not harass people if they harass you. and if people harass you it is because they hate you.
I don't hate you so why should I harass you?
Added by Lion kill on Oct 02 2015, 23:54
I don't even hate alessandro fans. I just hate alessandro not his fans
so next time you gotta know that if I hate someone I don't hate his fans I just hate the guy himself but not his fans. and you don't have to talk like You are the chosen one. there were a lot of people commenting on alessandro deleted storyline. so it is not you only and talk better to me because you don't know if I'm talking to you or another one. so next time talk better
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 03 2015, 21:56
Next time don't add an ''r''. And I had a reason to act like this on your profile, I thought you where talking about me. Next time, talk more clearly and don't misspell. I don't like Alessandro. I fucking hate that guy. He steals storylines. Also, I checked that asshole's profile, and, he deleted all his missions and comments.
Added by Lion kill on Oct 03 2015, 23:14
Ok gangsta hope you forgive me
Added by Husnain on Oct 08 2015, 20:43
Wonderful Fantastic missions ;)
Added by Husnain on Oct 08 2015, 21:01
You design great missions man Check mine i will highly appreciate it
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 10 2015, 20:07
Here are some famous Alessandro quotes: "I Give You 5 Star" "Right then Right" and the latest "Sure Then Sure"!!
Added by Alex.Magana on Oct 14 2015, 18:59
I used to be on Hall Of Fame too but i really dont care about this! :P
Added by megan on Oct 14 2015, 20:24
alessandro helps me
Added by Alessandro on Oct 15 2015, 08:16
What it megan
Added by Lion kill on Oct 16 2015, 22:31
Hey don't talk on my account go to talk on each others account but not mine
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 17 2015, 11:46
I guess the only way to ban Alessandro is to keep reaching out to the Admins/Moderators. Maybe they will read our comments we send to them about Alessandro, and ban him. I sent Secronom President a message to ban Alessandro. Hopefully he does and this whole spamming mess will be over.
Added by Alessandro2 on Oct 23 2015, 13:45
A New Life
Added by megan on Oct 29 2015, 19:38
i already know that alessandro sucks but those stupid moderators wont ban him.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 29 2015, 21:26
One time I uploaded a DYOM, it had no downloads as it was first uploaded, and Alessandro went right to it, and said: "I Give You 5 Star". Lmfao this just further proves he's a spammer piece of shit who needs an ice cold ban. I think that'll set him straight. If not, and if he keeps coming back for more, then the moderators will have to permanently ban his sorry ass.
Added by Lion kill on Nov 04 2015, 23:01
If Alessandro is spamming then its not our problem.

Its the moderators problem. and in my opinion no one should give a fuck about alessandro because People are just provoking him.

and if the admins will not ban him then they might ban one of you guys for getting your ass in something that is none of your business, and for scaring the people on the website.

So you,dyomek and woodman should really stop provoking Alessandro because you are ruining your own reputation. and one day you might get banned
Added by Woodman on Dec 06 2015, 15:13
R.I.P this profile
Pls come back!
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Dec 10 2015, 05:57
Lmao jokes on fucking you. I know that comment is old, but, Alessandro was banned AGES ago! I never got banned as you can see. The admins listened to me.
Added by Lion kill on Dec 21 2015, 12:27
Like I said before I don't give a damn fuck about alessandro let him spam if he want he is banned anyway.

And Stop commenting on my profile when you are not gonna tell me something interesting
Added by dyomek on Dec 21 2015, 15:11
Added by dyomek on Dec 21 2015, 15:12
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Dec 30 2015, 22:17
Kden. Just don't tell me again: "Oh you're gonna get banned!" because no. I'm not. I haven't done anything wrong. So don't say that shit to me. Okay? good. Cya'.
Added by Lion kill on Jan 10 2016, 15:48
You are not gonna get banned? well dyomek and woodman got banned for trolling and spamming in alessandro's profile + doing a lot of missions about killing alessandro that would make him scared and they were making a lot of missions to increase their activity on dyom but they were leading themselves to a ban for scaring people and they were ruining their reputation.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Jan 24 2016, 06:23
I haven't been on Alessandro's profile in, for who knows how long! So why in the fuck would I get banned!? Besides, I haven't affected my reputation at all. In fact, it's gotten way, way better since I've joined DYOM. I'm pretty cool with pretty much all the DYOM users, and everyone on GTAF. Except you and me aren't cool I guess, oh well. To bad. So yes, I won't get banned and my rep clearly isn't ruined. And never was. =)
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Jan 24 2016, 06:29
And I'm actually serious in my missions. I only made like, what? two "Kill Alessandro" missions? it's not like I made entire series's about killing Alessandro, and it's not like I threatened to kill his family either. So I have no idea how you're getting this idea on me getting banned. As it hasn't happened, and never will. I clearly haven't done anything wrong, I never made packs about killing a spammer, or threatening someone's life online. =)
Added by Lion kill on Jan 27 2016, 13:09

Added by GangstaZilla203 on Jan 27 2016, 21:51
Oh hey look! Those are two, two month old missions! And you still think I hate on Alessandro? I'm sorry, but you're making me facepalm. Do I need to remind you that you hated on Alessandro's profile before too? and before you tell me: "Oh that was a long time ago!" well, same with me. I stopped hating on Alessandro MONTHS ago. You just like to hate on me for something that's so damn old, I guess. Well, whatever. Do what you want. :)
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Jan 27 2016, 22:42
I'm just tired of you attacking me for something that's old and forgotten. :/
I'll be friendly with you. I will. I just don't appreciate it when you keep attacking me over Alessandro, even though I haven't given a flying fuck about Alessandro for months.
Added by AnDReJ98 on Feb 03 2016, 02:42

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