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My name is Wali. I like
modding GTA Sanandreas. I have also created many cleo missions with the help of the rooftop ninja wars mod by spidermight. So I am thanking him for creating such an awsome mod. Now I am using dyom 8.0. I think dyom is the best modification I have ever seen.


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Birthdate16 December 2001
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Dark Avenger

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Jan 17 '15
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Jun 20 '15
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2 Avg: 4.5
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Dominators Begin Of The War Part 1Jan 19 2015, 12:2942994663
Dominators Begin Of The War Part 2Jan 21 2015, 14:0953423521


Added by Dark Avenger on Jan 17 2015, 20:36
Hi guys i am a new dyom user
Added by Dark Avenger on Jan 17 2015, 20:45
Hey spidermight you are really an awesome coder
Added by Grand_Dyom on Jan 17 2015, 20:59
Hi man welcome to dyom :-D
Added by carlluis906 on Jan 18 2015, 07:11
Hi Welcome to DYOM Web Site
Added by Grand_Dyom on Jan 18 2015, 18:26
You online?
Added by Grand_Dyom on Feb 03 2015, 15:20
Hi my Dark Avenger
Can you rate my storyline
Thanks :D

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