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Hello guyz and welcome to my profile...

Hope you enjoy your stay
And hope you guyz like my mission.

And don't forget to rate my missions. And also leave your feedback.

And if you see any of my mistakes in the missions, Please tell them in the comments.

Here is a link to my GTAForums Profile.
Here's a link to my Facebook page.(I am still working on it.)

My Projects (2016)

These are the projects I am working there days. Stay tuned, they will be released soon.

Storyline/Mission Pack NameProgressGTA Forums LinkDownload LinkPossible releasing date
Stories from San Andreas Part 1CompletedLinkLink30 January 2016
Stories from San Andreas part 20%Coming Soon..Coming Soon...---
The Ultimate San Andreas War50%LinkComing Soon...---
Stories from San Andreas part 30%Coming Soon..Coming Soon...---

Stories from San Andreas

The streets of the Los Santos are ruled by gangs. Gang Wars can be seen on daily bases. The most Popular gangs are Grove Street Families, Rollin` Heights Ballas and Los Santos Vagos. Ganton is the Grove Street territory and their main place. David, the protagonist of the story, is 18 year-old boy who lives in Ganton. He became part in GSF gang. David however, don`t like this gang stuff. He has a friend, Mark, who is also involved in gang work. Mark is a drug dealer but he is warned by Sweet multiple times. Now he is forbidden to do drug dealing. But Mark never listens Sweet and he always continues the bad work. David however is not like him. David is a loyal person. And he never betrays his gang. But still because of misunderstanding, he gets kicked from the gang. Now he makes his way throughout the city. This story happens 2 years before Carl returned from Liberty City.

More Missions are coming soon.


MembergroupDYOM Designer
Birthdate23 November 2002
Gtaforums.com UsernameALiQ


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Apr 03 '15
Last Login
Jan 07 '17
Missions made
17 Avg: 4.5
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Ballas invasionApr 03 2015, 13:13579215081
Cops vs. GroveApr 03 2015, 13:21577314003
Grove ForceApr 03 2015, 13:23573413501
Precious ProtectionApr 04 2015, 17:06580312831
The meetApr 05 2015, 08:31553012631
The Bomber StoryApr 08 2015, 16:3947653101
Fight 4 GroveApr 10 2015, 17:10558913391
Grove Street InvasionApr 11 2015, 16:26565612981
World War IIIApr 12 2015, 17:50412644232
The Ultimate Enemy Part IApr 26 2015, 14:15467114292
The Ultimate Enemy Part IIApr 26 2015, 15:12364613411
The Ultimate Enemy Part IIIApr 26 2015, 16:22564113021
Carl Betrays GroveJul 18 2015, 12:572.59123181
The InvasionJul 20 2015, 18:3159413071
Army Mission PackAug 08 2015, 14:29516575383
[MP] Stories from San Andreas part 1Feb 19 2016, 10:4658762293
[MP] The Ultimate San Andreas WAR (IntroFeb 19 2016, 10:47-75112070


Added by Jhandave on Apr 05 2015, 08:38
Welcome to DYOM
Added by Jhandave on Apr 24 2015, 03:31
I like your missions, dude, but sorry for rating and comment me for them
Added by Jhandave on Apr 27 2015, 01:02
Yeah, you add me to your respect list, thanks.
Added by Jhandave on Apr 27 2015, 08:15
You can use shortcut keys to type this text ex: !, /, :, etc. by using this keys: Hold Shift and type 1, 2, 3, 4 - 10

Good Luck!

If you want more problems and questions, just comment me on my profile
Added by Jhandave on Apr 27 2015, 08:18
and, i will leave a comment here
Added by Alessandro on Jul 26 2015, 18:32
Hello Clark My Name Alessandro
Added by Clark on Jan 01 2016, 18:56
Thank you Jhandave. If I will have any problems I will comment on your profile.
Added by Clark on Jan 01 2016, 18:57
And Hello Alessandro
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 03 2016, 11:42
Here: Copy these table, please rename it
[table][tr][th]Header 1[/th][th]Header 2[/th][/tr][tr][td]Data 1[/td][td]Data 1[/td][/tr][/table]
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 03 2016, 11:42
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 04 2016, 07:49
No problem, and cool profile ;)
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 08 2016, 11:36
Another Pakistani. Nice to meet you. And thanks for adding me in your Respect list :)
Added by Clark on Jan 23 2016, 12:06
Sorry guyz I m busy these dayz a lot thats why I couldn`t complete the project but I will release it soon...
Added by Clark on Jan 28 2016, 17:09
So I decide to give my new story stories from san andreas in parts.

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