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Welcome to my DYOM profile!

Leave some feedback on my missions - it'll improve our communication, AND help me out as a mission designer! ;)


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Feb 18 '12
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Aug 31 '22
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25 Avg: 4.3
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
An old jokeJul 23 2014, 22:40-85712651
MOTW13: Infiltration (contest mission)Sep 01 2014, 12:22-113416572
The Birthday Party Pt. 1Sep 01 2014, 15:48-84513300
Commando Pest Eradication (adaptation)Dec 18 2014, 20:36-184914380
Old War 1: PrologueDec 21 2014, 17:44-80515060
Old War 1: Back from retirementDec 21 2014, 17:44-89214410
Old War 1: InterludeDec 21 2014, 17:44-77913670
Old War 1: Hard ContactDec 21 2014, 17:44-79212880
Old War 1: Navy cowsDec 30 2014, 22:30580114522
The Professional: First hitJan 06 2015, 01:25-74212390
The Professional: Intensive careJan 16 2015, 18:21-75513700
Bodybuilders VS TurnikmenMay 21 2015, 03:26-66812611
MOTW40: Special Forces (contest mission)Jun 23 2016, 22:38-97610490
MOTW8: Apocalypse nowApr 03 2019, 16:043165019003
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:13-96413894
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:14-75713560
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:14583515613
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:15-79314150
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:15-78815330
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:15-82815561
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:15-70714990
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:15-83313340
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:16-103013693
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:16-74213521
Delete thisJan 05 2020, 23:23-86414720

Text Tutorial List

Interior listJan 19 2014, 18:2421663


Added by DyomDevil on Feb 21 2012, 19:26
that's a lot of comments thanks !
those are my old missions.play my new ones.
they are WAAAYY better.
Added by FRArom on Jul 24 2014, 21:26
I use a pistol for hunters because in the original game, soldiers have Light Handgun but I use Deagles to be more hard.

And it does not look like Manhunt 2 because it is not Manhunt 2. :P
Added by Huzaifa on Jul 24 2014, 21:55
Wow! Thanks for your detailed review to my mission. I like it :)
Added by nandack on Jul 25 2014, 21:50
Hi, bro. I am the same guy from gta forums that made Queen of Roads which stucked on 3rd mission. Cheers.
Added by nandack on Jul 26 2014, 12:20
I already put a comment on your report, thanks, you can read it on my profile although I play it again and again but not crashing. Try this: dissable your radar and frame limiter off
Added by nandack on Jul 26 2014, 18:58
she is 17 or younger, I already answer it on my profile, and it make me confused to write double comment. She is Indonesian.
Added by nandack on Jul 26 2014, 20:11
nothing bro, just to make sure the girl that you seen is Indonesian. I do not know what exactly her age, but she is younger than 19 years old man (me)
Added by nandack on Jul 26 2014, 20:13
And I like Russians girls since Moldova is the neighbor of Russia right? Maybe they have the same shape.
Added by nandack on Jul 27 2014, 04:03
so, any other glitch? And is that work for 3rd mission when I said to disable radar?
Added by nandack on Jul 27 2014, 04:03
so, any other glitch? And is that work for 3rd mission when I said to disable radar?
Added by AdamArtz on Jul 28 2014, 20:56
Latex-Cat XD very gud name
But good missions nonetheless
Just the name...I find it hilarious
Added by nandack on Jul 29 2014, 04:56
no bro. I am focusing on my new mission pack The Unforgiven Sins. You can check it on GTAF or just looking on my profile. And great! A98 start to remaking VC with DYOM maybe next august. You can check it again on GTAF in case you are interested
Added by nandack on Jul 29 2014, 19:33
Well, that was my bad design. I made 3 new missions for Queen of Road 2 but making a race mission was a big glitch if you put the wrong cars. So I change it from a racer to a road taker just like street gangster and you know what? I got an idea to include all CJ girlfriends.
Added by nandack on Jul 29 2014, 20:50
That was what I am talking about, I put an invisible barrier because without the barier then the player will always win. I just want to make a sense on it although using Banshee (viper) was too stupid because that is a really fast car and the enemier are only mustang or admiral and infernus. So I change all of it and new race will be more difficult
Added by AdamArtz on Jul 29 2014, 20:51
you should do that topless stripper for her sex scenes/shower scenes
Added by AdamArtz on Jul 29 2014, 20:51
you should use* sry
Added by nandack on Jul 29 2014, 21:01
I will upload 3 of it, just 3 because the rest of it will be included in a sing zip fil for Queen of Road 2, but, I still have to finish The Unforgiven Sins 1. Hope you gonna play it since nobody leave a feedback nowday
Added by AdamArtz on Jul 30 2014, 01:59
you should add a few if you didn't have in mind
Added by nandack on Jul 30 2014, 04:35
Actually you jump into 3 latest mission and forget the 2 earlier with an intro.
Check it on my profile.
1. World of Blood (banging homies and ballas)
2. Angry mobs (simple paparazi mission)
3. Nightlife Partner (use the same model as your latex-cat)
Added by nandack on Jul 30 2014, 14:28
I just realize that was Aztecaz teritories, but Vagos lives there before end of the line and CJ take it back. And it make sense because this mission is before CJ back to LS, so Pulaski still alive.
Added by AdamArtz on Jul 30 2014, 21:46
I will LOL thanks for reminding me
Added by nandack on Jul 31 2014, 05:23
1. Everybody in GSF called with homies from the first time sweet made the gang
2. Because the goverment at that time (Mr.Checko) are hidding there. And it will be flashbacked on Chapter 2 (I made a concept)
5. Dude, nothing wrong with that mission except you kill / shot pulaski cop car or their car is wrecked.
Added by nandack on Jul 31 2014, 05:30
6. Because he is already surrounded by the cops and have you ever on so panic situation? Your mind will not care about reality, something like blurish and dor, you pull trigger.
7. If you come to 2nd floor there is a DJ and she is undercover agent too. Her name is Franchise and only discovered when Nandack meet Alvin, the FBI. And pulaski brother is not girl, he is a shemale, or ladyboy or gay if you want to know the real one. Without mod he is a cop that only show up on the strip club.
Added by nandack on Jul 31 2014, 16:21
Franchise not attacking Pulaski because she is on cover. On chapter 2, she will come and thanks you although The mad cop never help her directly, then The mad cop will move from LS but because he is mad so he takes the countryside teritories as his own. And he will meet with Alvin.
Added by nandack on Jul 31 2014, 16:45
no, that was feedbacks. DYOM getting quite I think, only max of 10 users online each day.
Added by nandack on Jul 31 2014, 18:51
I am studying IT, and I think they are not new at all, they just the same guy from long time ago that forgot his password and you can see who are the designer that showed on the list, right, just the same and him and him and him again. So many people move on too fast, and the remaining were too late.
Added by nandack on Jul 31 2014, 19:14
What do you mean? Notebook means the portable pc or the real paper notebook? Don't answer it, already got the answer. SA is low requirement actually while HD era of GTA need some good VGA.
Added by nandack on Jul 31 2014, 19:55
again, it was on 2006 to 2008. Now, really different. So many people said V not more than VI or even worse. But SA got the feelings, I played it on early 2005 when it was PS2
Added by nandack on Aug 03 2014, 17:36
Just replay, maybe you open dyom for too long. Quit, open dyom dan play the last.
Added by Deathscourge on Aug 04 2014, 23:10
Great missions! Well yes,i am from Canada @_@
Added by Deathscourge on Aug 05 2014, 13:58
Added by Deathscourge on Aug 06 2014, 14:34
gheorgiem i would like to add you on skype or other! but,i dont want to share my information here...
Added by Deathscourge on Aug 06 2014, 23:44
have you added me? deathvedran remember? i cant add u cuz of my skype gone mad....
Added by WrongWang on Aug 12 2014, 00:07
hello sir, im wang. mind if u review my mission ?
theres 3 mission in my profile
theres a trailer too
thank yew very much :)
Added by WrongWang on Aug 12 2014, 20:02
Thanks gheorgem !
i know the mission is a little weird and theres so many unexplained situation like motel objects and things like that.
i really wanna explain it at the mission but i scared i put too much objective and crashed the game. it have 75+ objective (the third part). and i made the mission in a little hurry.
ill try harder in the next part ! trying to get an idea cuz i run out of storyline xD
thanks again gheorgem !!!
Added by Deathscourge on Aug 19 2014, 15:06
Gheogiem im not on skype cause i forgot my password :( i will make a new account and than tell you!
Added by Valeriu. on Dec 18 2014, 20:33
Added by XxProDzxX on Dec 18 2014, 21:02
Good missions dude ..by the way
Added by gheorghem on Dec 19 2014, 13:28
Added by XxProDzxX on Dec 21 2014, 17:00
Sup aby new one ...try my new ew missiins tiu'll like it.
Added by XxProDzxX on Dec 22 2014, 15:50
Your one dude ....why you act like a Weardo :=(
Added by XxProDzxX on Dec 23 2014, 13:30
sorry may bad man .....so for accepting my apologie i add you into my respect list ; )
Added by XxProDzxX on Dec 24 2014, 22:16
ahh ..i need to ask you ?
how i fix dyom crash in easy way ?
Added by XxProDzxX on Dec 26 2014, 10:51
Tank's crash is fixed :)
Added by XxProDzxX on Dec 27 2014, 17:01
Just a littel quation ?
How much time you take for makin' a DYOM
Mission :->
Added by XxProDzxX on Dec 28 2014, 12:21
About me OK :)
Some time 20 h I make mission with 30 to 80 Objectives
But I always canseld cause I feel it too boring
Like my missions [RSa] I made about 13 Mission With 59 to 80 Objectives But I canseld 6 missions I don't know cause some time am getting disturbed
And the duration about 30 to40 Minutes at least
But o know I can make better missions if I consetrait
And sorry about my bad English :)
Added by XxProDzxX on Dec 31 2014, 17:45
But how do you Modifie Your Photo like OLD WAR Photo Tell me :)
Added by XxProDzxX on Jan 01 2015, 22:43
haha ...tanks it's realy easy : )
Added by Alessandro on Nov 02 2015, 20:06
Hello gheorghem My Name Alessandro
Added by Alex.Magana on Nov 02 2015, 20:20
Ignore Allesandro, he just want to make you angry! He's a Romanian Troll Kid. He dont even care about your profile or Missions. He care only for "Hall Of Fame"!
Added by WrongWang on Dec 23 2016, 10:41
hello :)
Added by Green Goo on Apr 27 2017, 08:44
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- Do you like to compete someone?

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