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Thanks To Create A Dyom Dutchy3010 PatrickW

My Name Is Darkrai0123 I Live In Laguna Calamba I like To
Create Mission..
#1.I Like To Play Dyom
#2.I Like To Create A Mission
#3. Thanks For Creating This Mode
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Missions: Status% FINISH!
Killing Hitman 47 Pack 100%finish
The Grove Street Administation 100%Finish
For Life 100% Finish

Mission's Pack Mission's Created
HITMAN: Agent 47 September 5,2015
Crossfire 2.0 After Created a HITMAN: Agent 47
Zombie Accidents After Created a Crossfire 2.0
Mission Status%
Naruto Vs. Sasuke 0%

The Brother's SpreeThe Eldest Son Is Ash And the 2nd to the eldest is Lich The Girl And The 3rd Eldest Son is Brook The Good Son

  • Gta San Andreas Dyom
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    Class Picture In GTA san andreas

    I Use Dyom : V810

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Aug 14 '15
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Sep 05 '15
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
For LifeAug 21 2015, 03:294.7557211734
Grove Street AdministationAug 22 2015, 02:224.860110975
Killing Hitman 47Aug 22 2015, 06:32564310392
Heisenberg_GR Vs Darkrai0123Aug 22 2015, 06:51560512763
[DTS] Detective Stories Part 1Aug 23 2015, 03:31556911291
[DTS] Detective Stories Part 2Aug 23 2015, 04:04557310542


Added by Darkrai0123 on Aug 15 2015, 12:55
Im New Here Guys
Added by Alessandro on Aug 15 2015, 14:33
Hello Darkrai0123 My Name Alessandro
Added by Darkrai0123 on Aug 16 2015, 01:17
Hello My Friend :)
Added by AdamArtz on Aug 16 2015, 10:57
hello i am god
Added by Darkrai0123 on Aug 16 2015, 23:45
Added by AdamArtz on Aug 17 2015, 01:15
hello darkrai0123 i am god
Added by Master Creator on Aug 19 2015, 14:25
Hello My Brother :)
Added by Darkrai0123 on Aug 19 2015, 14:26
Hello Brother Master Creator (:
Added by XxProDzxX on Aug 20 2015, 15:22
Hello , how's you're progress with your missions.
Added by Grand_Dyom on Aug 21 2015, 06:26
Hey Man :D
Added by Skullmunch on Aug 23 2015, 12:39
I'll try your missions in anytime but I'm busy with my new mission pack this month.
Added by Warbrother32 on Aug 28 2015, 07:41
[Font=Arial Black]Good missions,man.
Check out my upcoming storyline:[Font=italic]The Dark Panther
Added by Jhandave on Sep 03 2015, 08:37
Thanks, Darkrai0123, alright i put u to my respectlist, cool missions, goodluck with your other projects
Added by Alessandro on Sep 04 2015, 14:38
please add me Darkrai0123
Added by haap on Sep 14 2015, 16:33
Hi darkrai0123 wassup dude
Added by Husnain on Oct 10 2015, 17:00
Great Awesome Missions rate all 5.5 Check mine and feedback it also in gtaforums on my topics i will highly Appreciate it

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