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  • I will make a Good mission

    [R] Fifth Third BankCancelled

    The Century Europe0%

    GTA: San Andreas Stories0%

    MissionProgressGTAforum Mods Link:
    Welcome back King:tommyCompletehttp://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=19193

    Free For Fighters0%

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Aug 30 '15
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Jul 01 '16
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[DEMO] X Counter Memories Sep 04 2015, 12:314.44687113013
[DEMO] Clear The HoodSep 05 2015, 10:564.9164513248
[DEMO] Welcome Back King:Tommy Sep 05 2015, 14:264.336359953
[FV] GTA San Andreas Stories:Los AztecasSep 06 2015, 06:145188914321
[FV] Soldiers Raid: Pt1Sep 07 2015, 14:12367211552


Added by Grand_Dyom on Aug 30 2015, 06:28
Welcome XD
Added by Lion kill on Aug 31 2015, 03:47
You should delete Alessandro from respectlist because he is spamming and virusing. and stealing missions from heisenberg
Added by Sylvester0123 on Aug 31 2015, 04:14
#Lionkill ok man
Added by XxProDzxX on Aug 31 2015, 16:52
Thanks friend :D
Added by XxProDzxX on Sep 01 2015, 19:42
U need to register first then, hit "Creat a neew topic button" on the right side of the forum page the page will redirected to creat the topic.
Added by FRArom on Sep 02 2015, 10:48
Thank you, buddy. :)
Added by Lion kill on Sep 02 2015, 15:41
delete The Century Europe, GTA: San Andreas Stories and Free For Fighters. first make [R] Fifth Third Bank then start making the other missions slowly. okay
Added by XxDzxProxX on Sep 03 2015, 14:54
i already tell u, man here is my comment below

- U need to register first then, hit "Creat a neew topic button" on the right side of the forum page the page will redirected to creat the topic. -
Added by Alessandro on Sep 04 2015, 12:57
Hello Sylvester0123 My Name Alessandro
Added by DUx on Sep 04 2015, 19:51
Sylvester,a hint for you:use programs like photoshop or paint tool SAI to edit the photos of your missions,will be better than using paint.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Sep 05 2015, 11:47
For a Mission Pack/Storyline dude, I recommend making a gang related one, or Mobster related one, those are always the best to create! =D and try and make the story original, like, The protagonist' family got killed by this Mob or Gang, so he sets out to take them out! and along the way he gets Lieutenants to help him! just a idea tho'! =D
Added by Jhandave on Sep 06 2015, 04:10
Hello, man, i reupload my storyline now, New Episodes and Unlock Chapter 2 now, check it out.
Added by eurylei on Sep 06 2015, 13:01
My missions are complete sylvester0123 i hope your going to play my mission.good luck to you and by the way comment and rate my mission :)
Added by Husnain on Oct 10 2015, 16:56
Great Awesome Missions rate all 5.5 Check mine and feedback it also in gtaforums on my topics i will highly Appreciate it
Added by dyomek on Dec 21 2015, 14:59

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