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Hey. You probably don't know me.
I'm Salint. I was known in 2015 as Mody2005.

By the time of writing this, I'm 18 years of age. I've done DYOM 8 years ago now, when I was 10.

Fascinating, isn't it? How time passes. I miss GTA SA. I miss making DYOM missions, but that's just life.

At 2014, I started coding some basic HTML. Now, I'm a full-stack web developer and game designer.

Grow up, be a man. Go to the gym. Make money. Escape the Matrix. Give them the biggest Fuck you.

I love you all.


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Sep 26 '15
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Aug 22 '23
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2 Avg: 5
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Stealing madd dogg's mansionOct 03 2015, 08:38565310692
CJ's mom deathOct 04 2015, 17:435106511162


Added by Dhiman on Sep 27 2015, 00:39
Hey, you must be using cleo 4.3. you have to get v4.1 to get DYOM 8.2 work properly.

Added by Rendy Specter on Oct 03 2015, 16:32
Impossible, because normally if the enemy(Normal Behavior or Hold and Direct) see you. They are always pursue and trying to kill you. It's a part of GTA mechanic
Added by Alessandro on Oct 04 2015, 18:11
Hello Mody2005 My Name Alessandro
Added by Alessandro on Oct 04 2015, 19:32
Read Carefully Then Read Carefully
Added by dyomek on Oct 12 2015, 15:55
Make some more missions i'll rate
Added by Daniel_San_Andreas on Oct 12 2015, 16:14
Cool missions.
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Oct 14 2015, 11:21
hey mody2005 try my new mission lone ranger plss ..you will not regret playing it..
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Oct 14 2015, 11:21
And I will highly appreciate it..
Added by Mody2005 on Oct 15 2015, 08:53
Sorry,I can't make missions iam studing i work on missions in breaks but i don't have good ideas of missions
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Oct 18 2015, 01:51
tnx. Mody2005 ..but my version was 7.0.1 because 8.2 version will crash in my computer..
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Oct 18 2015, 02:18
Hey Mody2005 publish your mission ..so no one can snitch your missions..
Added by dyomek on Oct 23 2015, 18:51
underline bbcode off
Added by dyomek on Oct 24 2015, 12:04
Hi Mody2005 to upload a mission so nobody can edit press Y then Mission Menu then Publish Mission then when you upload there's a file DYOM0.DAT then it is a mission that nobody can edit, enjoy!
Added by dyomek on Nov 21 2015, 18:44
Wow, you're studying really hard :P
Added by Woodman on Dec 11 2015, 08:25
R.I.P this profile
Added by dyomek on Dec 11 2015, 14:21
Exactly as Woodman said :P
Added by dyomek on Dec 13 2015, 10:21
R.I.P Mody2005

Destroyed by Math books XD
Added by little penis woodman on Dec 16 2015, 15:49

Added by dyomek on Dec 16 2015, 18:50
@little penis woodman Bah, he's probably a nerd of the year at his school
Added by Mody2005 on Jun 29 2018, 18:45
Oh. My. God. I managed to get this account back! No fuckin' way, i am back!
Added by Mody2005 on Oct 14 2021, 10:36
Bruh this shit is dead istg

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