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My Old Account (Missions): Killer13
I used to lead Blue Ray Team since 2010 but unfortunately i have to ended the whole group due to the reason: some of my friends lost the interest to D.Y.O.M and GTA: San Andreas.
Thanks for everyone who supporting us for long years and i want to give a thanks to everyone who will support my single missions.!

Upcoming Missions/Mission Packs
- Allentown Boys (Mission Pack)
- Felon (Mission Pack)
- Cell 211 (Mission Pack)


MembergroupDYOM Designer
RespectList- DYOM Developers
- DYOM Designers
- And everyone who will respect me!
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Oct 13 '15
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Feb 21 '17
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Added by Alessandro on Oct 14 2015, 12:04
Hello Alex.Magana My Name Alessandro
Added by Lion kill on Oct 14 2015, 18:28
Don't trust alessandro he want to get to the hall of fame he is selfish
Added by Heisenberg_GR on Oct 15 2015, 04:21
Καλώς τον! ;)
Added by Jhan Dave on Oct 29 2015, 14:22
Hi Alex.Magana, check out my newest missions i'll uploaded, and give them some feedbacks.
Added by gheorghem on Nov 04 2015, 23:48
well, in my case, he might be a bit interested, since I'm from Moldova and all
Added by dyomek on Nov 08 2015, 13:00
@gheorghem; That doesn't make you special at all, Alessandro is a bigtime spammer here he doesn't get interested about nothing at all
Added by AnDReJ98 on Jan 26 2017, 14:57
Hey i'm fine, how are you?
Added by giorgx dyom on Jan 26 2017, 15:35
τι στο πουτσο..................απλοσ δε το ειξερα σορρυ ,οκ ολλα καλα "?φιλε μου σε πιστευω
Added by giorgx dyom on Jan 26 2017, 15:38
pos skata brikew to 2o moy akount
Added by giorgx dyom on Jan 29 2017, 20:33
ok my friend
Added by Green Goo on Apr 27 2017, 09:05

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