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Hi there.. New guy but will surely cut my way through everyone and will become famous tho..

My GTAForums Account Link..


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ProDX34 [His Trailers and videos are Amazing]
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Oct 14 '15
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Grove Street Families ReturnedDec 02 2015, 17:223.56832236
Zombie ApocalypseDec 20 2015, 11:55-24833940
Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 1(Part 1)Jan 06 2016, 10:35-9382940
Kingsman: IntroFeb 25 2016, 21:2156407922
Kingsman: Intro Part 2Feb 28 2016, 07:54-270713230
Kingsman: The Secret Service [Act 1]Mar 11 2016, 21:17-8559370

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Trailer, Zombie Apocalypse By HaXDec 20 2015, 12:35-
GAmeplay VideoMar 12 2016, 16:28-


Added by dyomek on Dec 01 2015, 10:16
Hi, i seen your comment on KiddoAssasin's profile, i can help you :)
Good model for zombies is 162
And how to delete peds from your mission: Go to Objectives, then Add Objective, then Add Special Env Objective, then Ped/Car Behavior, then, No Cars/Peds. Hope i helped :)
Added by dyomek on Dec 01 2015, 12:46
Don't talk to Mc_Alex he is a ban evading spambot
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Dec 02 2015, 09:58
Procedures on how to remove Peds in DYOM.

-first Press Y
-Second go to ''Objectives'' then click the add objective.
-Third click the add Special Env. Objective .
-Fourth Then click Ped/Car Behavior.
-Fifth select the No Ped and Cars Behavior.

Then Done !! :D I hope this will help.
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Dec 02 2015, 10:03
Oh and once again ..The model you should use in your zombie mission is the one that dyomek told you.. If you want some ideas on making zombie missions .. Just play my Zombie Paramedic Series.. Tnx :D
Added by Hax on Dec 03 2015, 12:12
Thanks everyone.. It helped too much..
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Dec 04 2015, 12:11
no problem.. :D
Added by dyomek on Dec 06 2015, 17:57
Answer: Yes you can
Added by Woodman on Dec 07 2015, 12:27
Wow, should be play this at night!

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