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Be nice and serious or you'll get hated.


Note:I'm not dyomek,Woodman, nor Megan.
And I'm not a fool like this three.

And if you hated and you are so pissed at me. PLEASE EXPECT FURTHER INSULTMENTS AND BAD COMMENTS IN YOUR PROFILE. so thanks for reading my Description

plus;If I'm been reported or get been banned, I DON'T CARE!! AND I DON'T THINK SO!!


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Dec 13 '15
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Feb 13 '16
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Added by GangstaZilla203 on Dec 13 2015, 04:30
Um.. Hello there. It this Woodman by any chance? I mean with the same respect list copy/pasted.
Wait.. Oh no..
Is this..
This can't be who I think it is right. Alessandro, is that you!?!?!?!?!!?!!
Added by Hater on Dec 13 2015, 05:02
I'm not alessandro .. im just a guy just for fun
Added by dyomek on Dec 13 2015, 10:14
Added by QED on Dec 13 2015, 11:31
Woodman, your fun account? Nice one! I almost tough it was a stranger
Added by dyomek on Dec 21 2015, 15:08
Added by Hater on Jan 01 2016, 09:24
Who you? big horse's ass...
Added by dyomek on Jan 01 2016, 10:40
U w0t m8, n1gg3r?
Added by Woodman2 on Jan 03 2016, 14:03
Joined the BBCodes Madness!
Added by Hater on Jan 14 2016, 12:37
Don't make me fool, foolers.
Added by AnDReJ98 on Jan 26 2016, 21:42
Oh my god

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