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Who am I?
My name is KinGz and i love to make a mission and hope u like it and don't forget to rate if you have problem comment me down goodluck :)


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*Jhan Dave

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Feb 26 '16
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Jul 02 '16
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Phantom Century I: The BeginningMar 01 2016, 11:174.6784710402
Phantom Century I: Off LimitMar 03 2016, 09:47452710410
Phantom Century I:Reveal For PresidentMar 05 2016, 00:174.6755010720
Phantom Century I:Last Life Of Bucks(PT1Mar 06 2016, 07:203.258510771


Added by Loucura Gamer on Feb 26 2016, 23:29
Added by Jhan Dave on Feb 27 2016, 08:08
You're from Philippines, aren't you ;) Wish you luck here.
Added by Jhan Dave on Feb 28 2016, 04:27
It's simple to create an account of GTAForums, just register it, make sure you log-in to the other site, like facebook, and make sure the email of your account has the same as facebook and GTAForums account, if you received a message named "GTAForums" it means you're now a new member of the forum. Done.

Sorry bro, i got a lot busy today i can't help you right now :(
Added by Jhan Dave on Feb 28 2016, 04:36
I'm staying tuned for it. ;)
Added by Jhan Dave on Feb 28 2016, 06:33
Read this tut: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/showtut/86

Yep, because if you don't match the email on your yahoo account to GTAForums account, you can't receive a message, so make sure you match the email for it. Goodluck ;)
Added by Jhan Dave on Feb 29 2016, 10:54
Find the link of GTAForums, and check your account. There! Done! YOu're now a new member! ;)
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 01 2016, 06:54
Good job, bro, you've done creating an account on GTAForums, well, looking forward for your upcoming missions or storylines. Wish you luck ;)
Added by AnDReJ98 on Mar 01 2016, 21:42
What's your name on GTAForums?
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 03 2016, 13:13
Nice Profile. Bro, Goodluck ;)
Added by Trilogy Games on Mar 05 2016, 15:11
Sure, bro!
Added by DyOM_G4MeS on Mar 06 2016, 07:22
You're mission is great, i rate you 5/5 good !
Added by XxProDzxX on Mar 07 2016, 19:23
I'm not really active here at the time, i use the GTAF the most, i rarely see commet in my profile.
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 08 2016, 07:48
Hey KinGz, i played your mission, there's only one problem while playing, can you please change the wanted level to 0, those cops bothering missions

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