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Synopsis: In the aftermath of a seemingly innocuous decision, CJ finds himself engulfed in a whirlwind of surreal experiences, testing his perception of reality to its limits.

Some goodies that can help with mission creation:

The DYOM Complete Tutorial (credit to Alexander)

I find this to be the most sophisticated tutorial for an introduction to DYOM features.

Common DYOM Bugs and Glitches (credit to Chimpso)

The forum post lists some common bugs with DYOM (V6.1), but it's still useful to avoid problems with the latest version of DYOM since some bugs haven't been fixed.

DYOM Lists (credit to Chaos17)

Lists all of the IDs for stuff you can use in DYOM - vehicles, props, interiors, objects, etc.

Explosions in DYOM (credit to Gummy)

Did you know there are various explosion styles with different attributes like size and whether they create fires? This post lists them all along with a video to compare the effects.

AudioFX v2.0 [DYOM Addon] (credit to andre500 and SIZZZ)

A soundtrack can still be applied to missions without the use of this addon, but AudioFX v2.0 gives you more freedom and ease of use with expanded features.

DYOM# (Addon for DYOM) (credit to SIZZZ)

A useful CLEO-script addon for DYOM with loads of modern features that make mission creation easier, like faster teleporting, search by typing, and expanded objects and icons. Use it with caution since it's prone to bugs and crashes. Can be unstable.

SIZZZ also features some other unique addons for DYOM on his page.

Alci's SAAT GUI FrontEnd (credit to Alci and pdescobar)

A tool for custom sound modding. Not necessary if you just wish to use sound mods with modloader.

Alci's IMG Editor (credit to Alci)

A tool to open GTA's archive formats and replace/rebuild images (useful for texture modding).

GTA Sounds List (credit to Matt1010)

A list of (most) sounds in GTA San Andreas. You can access them by using Alci's SAAT GUI FrontEnd. Find some cool sounds or voice lines and use them in your missions!

zeko's Free To Use Maps (credit to zeko)

It's possible to add maps as mods (using modloader) without making objects with DYOM. This is more advanced as it usually needs a limit adjuster for GTA SA and requires a bit more technical knowledge of how maps are loaded in GTA to effectively implement. The linked forum post explains this process along with providing a few maps to use in your missions.

mta-map-to-ipl (credit to Fernando-A-Rocha)

MTA:SA script that converts Map Editor (.map) to GTA:SA singleplayer IPL format. The purpose is to allow GTA:SA mod developers create maps in MTA and make them usable in the base game. This tool can even be used to create maps in MTA with custom object IDs and then bring them to the base game (you need to load the texture mods for the custom objects, obviously).

GTA SA model IDs (Prineside DevTools)

An awesome website to search through all GTA:SA objects by categories/type/size/behaviour. Along with DYOM#, you can easily find any object to use in your missions. You can also search objects using MTA:SA's Editor.

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