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Hello,i`m Ionut,i have 13 years,i`m like to play dyom missions/create missions.
If you want to contact me(contact me with skype!)
My Skype: ionut.lucian58

P.S: Thanks all to 8 ratings at my first mission! :D


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RespectListCommo(add me to respect list,thanks for rating my mission)
VenomDYOM(thanks for rating my mission)
Andrej98(Best moderator)
HeinsbergGR(thanks for rating my mission)
WaderPool(thanks for rating my mission,your mission Ballas stories ep 1 one of my favorites)
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Mar 29 '16
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Apr 15 '16
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My First mission(By iIoNutRO330)Mar 29 2016, 19:404.452985148115


Added by AnDReJ98 on Mar 29 2016, 18:36
This is the final account of yours, no more. Understood? You will have to use this as of now, no name changes or new accounts anymore.
Added by The show Games on Mar 29 2016, 18:46
Added by Commo on Mar 29 2016, 20:09
I've finished 1 more mission with the things you asked for in the feedback ^^ Give it a try
Added by AnDReJ98 on Mar 30 2016, 13:46
Stop requesting us to remove your comments every 5 minutes. If you really want them to be deleted so bad, think before posting and there will be no need for deleting next time.
Added by iIoNutRO330 on Mar 30 2016, 14:38
Ok,i`m stopping :(
Added by iIoNutRO330 on Mar 30 2016, 15:30
Hey all , if you see my profile,please play my mission and rate.

P.S: Thanks again for 8 ratings :)total 4.4.
Added by The show Games on Apr 02 2016, 20:48
Hey, I made trailer you asked me just missing you accept.

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