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Just Play My Friend :D

NOTE: MY English not very good. Sorry guys.


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationLiberty City
And all DYOM Desingers!
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Jun 06 '16
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Aug 02 '20
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Tommy'in Hikayesi Part 2 DemoJun 11 2016, 15:00-4461830
Tommy'in Hikayesi Part 2Jun 11 2016, 15:00-5472120
Tommy'in Hikayesi Part 1Jun 11 2016, 16:55-7182472
Tommy'in Hikayesi Part 3 FinalJun 16 2016, 23:41-5682190
Fast and DangerousNov 08 2016, 13:55-5351970
Jake's LifeJan 15 2017, 17:33-4492020
Welcome To HellJan 22 2017, 21:14-4591881
GTA: San Andreas Franklin StoriesMay 26 2017, 21:33-8534151
GTA: The Danger Of San AndreasJul 09 2017, 20:1738843222
Empty FileOct 21 2017, 19:3937143200
GTA: Migrant StoriesNov 14 2017, 19:01-8323121


Added by Wuzi on Jun 07 2016, 13:32
Added by OG.Miracle-.HB on Jun 08 2016, 16:12
Ovelord, this is Sandman, we need some back up here. Lol
Added by Nicole56 on Jun 18 2016, 07:09

i am miss Nicole please contact me on my email address ( sgtnicole1@hotmail.com ) i have something very important to share with you OK from my mail i will send you my pictures and tell you everything about me thank you i will be waiting to recvied your mail
Added by Green Goo on Apr 27 2017, 08:40
- Do you love creating missions with DYOM?
- Do you want your mission pack to be famous and get more feedbacks?
- Do you like to compete someone?

MPOTM is the best bit. First create a gta forum account. Second check the MPOTM Office here = http://gtaforums.com/topic/885611-mpotm-office/ . And be a winner!
Added by CrisPK on Jul 20 2017, 18:06
No problem, If you have any problem just comment on my profile or send a message on GTAForums.com ^^
Added by Opcode.eXe on Nov 21 2017, 06:04
Dear DYOM Designer. I is really compulsory for you but first i hope that you're having some great days. I just want to say that your missions are cool.

I personally request from you to join: [url=http://gtaforums.com/forum]Click here[/url]. In This website, all super designers, moderators and administrators (like you) gather there and create mission topic and get awesome support by other designers and outsiders.

If you're first time in www.gtaforums.com and you can't find the DYOM

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