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See This :D

Hello Everyone I am not too old here but i have maked some missions, If you like them, Stay tuned because I am going to upload some more mission :).


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Birthdate7 September 2000
RespectListI respect all of you :) (Leaving some spammers)
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Jun 11 '16
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Sep 27 '16
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Added by Wuzi on Jun 13 2016, 11:21
Welcome,friend,How do u doin?
Added by Nicole56 on Jun 18 2016, 06:55

i am miss Nicole please contact me on my email address ( sgtnicole1@hotmail.com ) i have something very important to share with you OK from my mail i will send you my pictures and tell you everything about me thank you i will be waiting to recvied your mail
Added by RazoR on Jul 11 2016, 11:31
Congrats man :)
Added by gtagod on Jul 13 2016, 19:07
I will add you to my respect list
Added by GYA_water7 on Aug 07 2016, 10:25
@Nicole56- Just fuck off little scamp, Otherwise we will ban you.
Added by cute gamer on Sep 15 2016, 17:25
yeah,sure.but I don't know how to participate because my gtaforums account is won't activate
Added by Fatin Ilham on Sep 17 2016, 14:27
Added by cute gamer on Sep 27 2016, 08:36
yo I will make it.bro,by the way what about my missions?, is it good ,gya
Added by SumiXXX on Sep 27 2016, 17:51
Your missions is the worst in the whole universe

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