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Nov 12 '16
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Nov 14 '16
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Added by Jhan Dave on Nov 12 2016, 06:51
Hey there, Razor :D
Added by Jhan Dave on Nov 12 2016, 12:05
Well! I'm fine.
New Mission Pack Completed: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44590
Try it.
Added by Jhan Dave on Nov 13 2016, 07:06
Read this tutorial: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/showtut/86
Added by Jhan Dave on Nov 13 2016, 07:07
This is the tutorial i read in order to design my "RR: Deathmatch Race"
Added by Jhan Dave on Nov 13 2016, 13:03
Dude! Either if you would making gameplays for my MP. It's free, man. No permission required. Okay!
Added by sh76boony on Nov 13 2016, 13:20
Thanks For the Web Man
Added by Jhan Dave on Nov 13 2016, 13:28
You shouldn't overdoing it, bro. It's disgraceful.
Added by Jhan Dave on Nov 14 2016, 06:55
Aside from you and Black Skull. Please don't copy as look on my profile. I'll leave you 12 hours to change your own information.
If you fail to do, I'll report you as same on Black Skull.
So please change it immediately.
Added by Aftab on Nov 14 2016, 12:39
Hi Toxed.
It'll be my pleasure to be ur friend. I've suscribed to your channel. You can play my missions on my profile.
Added by skatefilter5 on Nov 15 2016, 15:18
i see racing missions in gta forums race to the end
Added by GOTH_old on Jan 17 2017, 11:24
why are you inactive right now?

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