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Welcome to my profile!

Coming soon:

My PC is resetted due to a virus. I lost all the DYOM files, so i need to do the missions again. I'm gonna be more active here!

A storyline where you play as SAPD Detective Mark Johnatan!

Mission status:

Los Santos Missions:
Mission 1 - The First Victim: In progress

More misisons coming...


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May 03 '12
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Dec 13 '13
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2 Avg: 3
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
The occupy on Grove streetMay 03 2012, 23:33-104811416
The drug dealMay 27 2013, 19:493237613145

Trailer List

Official TrailerMay 30 2013, 14:46-

Text Tutorial List

How to make a phone dialogue:Jun 06 2013, 19:593108


Added by Target13 on May 27 2013, 20:08
Welcome Sammie! Nice job with occupy on Grove Street! 102 downloads on your first mission! wow!
Added by Sammie_GTA on Jun 02 2013, 13:58
Hey, thank you! :D
Added by edgaras904 on Jun 07 2013, 17:33
Nice Missions! I tryed all those 2 Now Try to make More Missions!!!
Added by Sammie_GTA on Jun 07 2013, 20:11
I'm working on a storyline now! Thanks foe the feedback! :)
Added by edgaras904 on Jun 08 2013, 14:33
i'm gonna make feedback on your 2 missions so.... yeah :D

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