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Added by AnDReJ98 on May 13 2012, 20:32
Nobady asked you anything mate. Stop with words like in my profile you wrote. I KNOW it. And no need to tell me that 5 TIMES. Don't make me angry,i never said my missions are the best. You should SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
And what's your problem? I saw many people are fucking jealous on me.
Now it looks like +1 = 3. Newcomer who is same like The Truth who is good guy now,but before he was idiot,and Grim Reaper who (i think) has changed because he was banned 5 TIMES. Now i thin
Added by AnDReJ98 on May 13 2012, 20:34
...Now i think this will affect on you. (I hope for your good)
Added by AnDReJ98 on May 18 2012, 21:21
You look around idiot! You're trying to provociras me but you won't win easy. You called yourself my fan? O really? You said this: ,,Though, many say they are cool, im not ready to agree with them.'' You started annying me bro,or i'm just stupid? Oh yeah i forgot! Maybe i didn't undersanded you so good. Why? What's wrong with me,or your comment on my profile has 1000 grammar mistakes,coz of that i didn't understand you. Get the fuck out of here...
Added by AnDReJ98 on May 18 2012, 21:27
...If you are my real fan (but everyone know you're not.),you should start like these guys on GTAForums. You said my missions are NOT good,coz of my English grammar. You should said: Your missions are good,but you should work on your grammar bro :)
These are FINAL words! Immature kid.
Added by SithLord on May 19 2012, 11:55
Ha, you see that's the good way how to kill South-Slovenian spirit, hit him whit a spelling. :p
Added by AnDReJ98 on May 20 2012, 15:07
Shut up you there!

Clay: I didn't wanted to offense you bro. I...I just couldn't control my mind coz of fucking problems on GTAForums and old problems with this guy up. His name is Grim Reaper and he's banned 5 times. We could be friends ;) I thought you're another newcomer who is same like Grim Reaper and The truth. I see from your last coments that you're not like they. Nevermind i'll wait for your missions!
Added by SithLord on May 20 2012, 20:35
Sure, blame the death for all
Added by jovan53 on May 29 2012, 21:18
What is this??? A police station??? I think this site is made for uploading missions...I guees im wrong?!.'

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