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Im back again guys i will created more mission :D.Hope you like all of my mission :D.Keep subscribing my account.


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationPhilippines Manila
BirthdateJan 2 2001
RespectListI respect the following:
1.My created missions
2.The Staffs
3.Senior Designers
4.All of the Designers and Users
5.My Friends
a.Best Friends
*Tukang Kerupuk
b.Ordinary Friends
*Master Creator
6.And all who respect me,too
7.And the Gta San Andreas DYOM Streamer at youtube *Anzkei1
Gtaforums.com UsernameRhixz


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Mar 20 '17
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Jun 23 '18
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Grove Vs MafiaSep 24 2017, 12:1657299771
Rescue the china boysSep 24 2017, 13:06-4038571
MOTW#85 The Last EnemySep 24 2017, 16:5254328241
Ballas is not end?Sep 24 2017, 17:15-4528660
Philippines Soldier Last Fight to MauteOct 01 2017, 11:36-3889450
Philippines Soldier last fight to the MaOct 14 2017, 13:08-5599780
(MAR)PhSoldier last fight to the Maute Oct 14 2017, 13:41-4859441
Rules of Survival MissionMay 08 2018, 16:57-3861820


Added by Nande Brasileiros on Apr 22 2017, 02:30
Hi man, I'm designing missions, they're 100% dubbed in English
My project began two days later, and I abandoned all the missions that used the voice of the translate, and I am using voices in movie

Note: I'm sorry for English with errors, I'm Brazilian and I'm learning.
The audio is in english, so I'll use caption in PT
Added by Markandreirico2 on Jun 11 2017, 12:20
Im gonna download it.Thank you bro
Added by JhanDave291 on Oct 06 2017, 12:25
Wow! Isa palang filipino ha. Buti may filipino pa ditong active. Sige aadd kita sa FB.
Added by Markandreirico2 on Oct 08 2017, 07:11
Ge thanks paturo nga sa cutscene na isang objective.
Added by Soap Mactavish on Oct 24 2017, 11:14
Hi bro.Nice missions u got.Do check mine and leave a rating if u like them!
Added by Markandreirico2 on Nov 01 2017, 12:50
Yeah I like your mission too thanks Soap Mactavish

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