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Hello i am new dyom user (i have been doing dyom missions for myself for a long time) but after reading this message alot of times

i decided to check this website out (i had been a guestfor a small time)
so iam here to deliver you some missions and some of my knowlage with tutorials
hope you have a wonderfull time


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Apr 04 '17
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Added by AnDReJ98 on Apr 08 2017, 16:15
I've been playing SA since my childhood days back in 2005. It certainly is one of my favorite games and do like it a lot. But nowadays, i think it's just a duty and a memory of my old days with SA, as well as DYOM.
Added by Green Goo on Aug 10 2017, 14:26
- Do you love creating missions with DYOM?
- Do you want your mission pack to be famous and get more feedbacks?
- Do you like to compete someone?

MPOTM is the best bit. First create a gta forum account. Second check the MPOTM Office here = http://gtaforums.com/topic/885611-mpotm-office/ . And be a winner!

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