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Originally signed up on 2012, i eventually lost interest and went on other things. I returned in 2015 and finally published my first mission which i made back in 2012 using DYOM V6.

I'm currently on a break, I will not give up on my MPs though, I just don't feel like designing right now.




MembergroupDYOM Designer
BirthdateSometime during the Late 90'
RespectListLeonCj/LnDProductions- DYOM Legend, he was the first designer i discovered and he inspired me to design my own missions.

Aznkei1- Makes good commentaries, check out his YouTube Channel.

THBP- His Long Theft Auto MP's are one of my favorites, i even improved its DYOM Wiki page and even added character pages for the characters.

Maoffense01- He gave the first real comment on my first mission, saying that i will do better; thanks, man!

GangstaZilla203- He's pretty funny and makes a surprisingly good designer.

Woodman- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9UyD7KG2Uc

KevinDYOM Account-The first person i reviewed who became a reviewer himself.

Various others and anyone i'm friendly with.
Gtaforums.com UsernameRenegade Rooster


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May 30 '12
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Apr 13 '19
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Cluckin' Bell SurvivalMay 29 2015, 13:585242210693
The Silent Assassin Demo1: Drop The DealMay 29 2015, 14:004.581611332
Every DYOM Mission ever.Jun 10 2016, 12:03-8319152
GTA: The CRASH of Tenpenny DemoMar 12 2017, 05:31523936076


Added by Alessandro on Jul 29 2015, 13:08
Hello Astronauthead My Name Alessandro
Added by Alessandro on Oct 25 2015, 12:34
You Are Philippines
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 30 2015, 07:00
I can overreact to criticism? You make me Lmfao. Since when have I ever done that? I only say shit to people when they say shit to me and my DYOMs for not giving a full review, just saying shit to be an asshole. And I'm annoying? You make me literally laugh my ass off.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 30 2015, 07:11
You were a bit of an ass to TomboyGamerGalWhatever on AznKei1's comment section A5R before making up and becoming friend but maybe thats in the past. For the annoying part is due to your dildoposting (which turns out to be pretty funny actually). If i did make you laugh then your welcome, I'm planning to be a comedian anyway.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 30 2015, 07:13
And no, Alessandro; i am not Philippines, i am a person.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 30 2015, 07:28
I was an 'ass' to Gamergal because she was a bitch to me. DIDN'T YOU SEE HER FUCKING COMMENTS?! She's a bitch. Fuck her. But think whatever you want, I don't want to sound like a kid, but, she really was the one that started this bullshit. She's a bitch, and so are you if you agree with her dumbass.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 30 2015, 07:29
And no, you make me laugh at your stupidity.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 30 2015, 07:38
How is 'criticism' saying one's DYOM sucks horse cock and not even giving it a full review and explaining the goods and the bads in it? plus, Gamergal left a comment on all one of my DYOM videos Aznkei uploaded, and they were all negative. Every one of them. Get the fuck out of here with the criticism bullfuck.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 30 2015, 07:47
And tbh, if you're gonna add the I'm annoying, and I can't take criticism part of me in your respect list, just remove me. I gave you a good explanation in my other comments about that 'I can't take criticism' bullshit, and you still don't listen. It's not real criticism. Learn the difference between being a critic, and being an asshole.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 30 2015, 08:22
What i meant to say was that you could have handled the comment better rather than sparking a drama which makes things worse, ignore the fact that they started it. Though you were right about me misusing the word 'criticism', outright insulting your work without actual critique is invalid, so let me fix that. You're going to need to practice your approach to dealing with assholes, because you'll only end up making a fool out of yourself, trust me as i am speaking through experience.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 30 2015, 08:26
A'right, removed the annyoing and overreactive part in the list, ya happy?
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 30 2015, 08:33
Yes I am happy. I've been arguing with these two assholes all day, and I just can't stand them. So I couldn't tell if you were being an asshole about it or what. Either way, what do you think about my DYOM's? And what do you think about Kenji Chronicles? and like I said, I take/accept criticism. REAL criticism. Not some asshole remarks. If you know what I mean?
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 30 2015, 08:46
Your DYOMs keeps getting better as you progress, i haven't played Kenji Chronicles yet because my PC is broken but i did watch Kevin play it. You should have made all the cars from the first missions get spawned when you arrive there, and replace one of them as an objective where destroying it would cause the other two cars to explode. For the second mission, it would be funny if you add a "Must Survive" on the truck, so anyone who think they could use it to hit and run the enemies will get miss
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 30 2015, 08:49
Cont. ion failure, i was expecting Kevin to fail the mission when the truck exploded and i would have laughed at that. Anways, it looks decent and i'm planning on playing it myself oncd i get my PC fixed.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 30 2015, 08:57
Thank you. I'd hope you play it. You won't regret it. ;) there is a GTAForums post on KC as well. =D But yeah I'll take those things into consideration when designing next time. =) So we're good? and next pack will be a cop related one, so stay tuned for that! and you see? I take constructive criticism into suggestion. Not asshole criticism though. That doesn't count.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 30 2015, 09:10
Yep we're good. Can't wait for your police-style mission pack, i'm quite a fan of those.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 30 2015, 09:16
Well, thanks. =) This is my first DYOM that isn't criminal related surprisingly. This time you help the law, not go against it. It'll be fairly short though. Only 13 or so missions unfortunately. =( But hey! I'll make those 13 missions worth it! =D and off topic: Have you ever wanted to install mods so simply? just get Modloader! it does the installing for you! saves you hours of time trying install a hard-to-install mod!
Added by Jhan Dave on Oct 30 2015, 09:56
Hi! You're from the Philippines, aren't you, check out my latest missions, and give them a feedback. Thank you and have a nice day
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 31 2015, 06:29
Lmao remember on YouTube how you said to me that you'd remake John Morris Chronicles without my permission? well, I'd like to see you remake it. Lmfao. I really wanna see how well you'd handle it. Because JMC is my worst MP by far. I've definitely improved GREATLY over those 5 months.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 31 2015, 06:38
I was actually serious when i said that though its less of a priority for now but i already have the story planned. I'll talk to you more about it soon.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 31 2015, 07:07
Story planned? but the story is already written out. Y'know, it's your typical gang storyline. I'd just like to see YOUR take on my first MP, and how you would improve it, and make it good. I started a remake of JMC 1, but, I got bored and scrapped it. I'll give you the rights to handle my JMC series, and do a remake of the first one. =) I want to hear more about the remake tbh.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 31 2015, 07:51
Plz, I really want to hear about the remake. JMC 1 needs to be remade/remastered BADLY. I want to hear more about your ideas on your way of making JMC 1, actually, well, GOOD. And fun to play eh? tell me mo'!
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 31 2015, 08:56
GIVE ME MY DAMN REMAKE OF JMC! >=( ! Lol. But seriously. Make it.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 31 2015, 10:34
The remake will slighty different from the original. It will be retconned from a typical gang story to a sotry about professional criminals seeking fame and fortune a la GTA V, the characters name will remain the same though.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 31 2015, 10:35
I'll give you MS Word document about its details such as plot and characters once its done.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 31 2015, 10:36
I'll give you MS Word document about its details such as plot and characters once its done.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 31 2015, 11:00
So, will it be a remake of JMC or what? because that honestly doesn't sound like a remake. I thought JMC was about a gang rising to power, not professional criminals seeking fame and fortune. Lol
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 31 2015, 11:02
I would also appreciate if you would create it into a Storyline. That would be gr8 m8.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 31 2015, 11:06
I guess it'll be like a reboot of the original right? it'll still keep the original gang warfare story to it, but, it will also have it's kind of own story similar to GTA V at the same time. I honestly can't wait for chapter 1 man. And like I said, it would be gr8 if it was created into a storyline. Play it GTA style.
Added by Grim Reaper. on Oct 31 2015, 11:16
lick my dick
Added by Woodman on Nov 08 2015, 15:52
Thanks for putting me a respect list!
Added by Woodman on Nov 15 2015, 06:24
Woodman- He made the best worst MP of DYOM and even added me in his Kill Alessandro Series and CANCELLED!
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Dec 31 2015, 11:30
Happy new year, Nuthead. =)

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