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i make all kinds of missions, i use my pen and notebook to plan and write the script and scenario before making the mission on the DYOM mod.
some of my missions may look poorly designed but the dialogues are strong makes you feel like you are in the mission for real, and i am sorry if there are grammar mistakes or misspelling i just want to shrink the dialogues as much as i could.

here is my reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/AhmedHassen108

feel free to suggest any ideas that i can make, i am very very very huge die hard fan of GTA games.
when i was a kid like 7 years old my first PC game was GTA 1 and then GTA 3...maaaan! old beautiful days.

well, i always try to make my missions contain some of sense of humor just to leave a smile on the player and i don't want a killing n' killing mission to be 100% serious and gloomy i am just trying to throw in-game jokes.

please rate and comment that would help me a lot and motivate me in my next projects.


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the bikeOct 15 2017, 13:49-541630
Unwelcome Tour (CJ's death)Apr 14 2020, 14:38-104811
Manhunt techniques testJun 14 2020, 23:13443431
Manhunt: The dark past [DEMO]Jun 15 2020, 14:37355330

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ahmedhassen108Oct 15 2017, 13:50-


Added by ahmedhassen108 on Sep 26 2017, 15:01
please post nice comments or i will report you
Added by Mikolajek451 on Jun 15 2020, 10:44
Ey bruh are you sick? I'm not insulting you in anyway - but School Shooter Simulator? are you fucking serious? That's why people comment like that - you make SICK missions. YOU should be banned.
Added by Willard500 on Jun 15 2020, 10:44
"please post nice comments or i will report you" Excuse me, but this isn't grade school. And reporting is only for people who spammed, speaks threatening words, and other inappropriate things.
Added by Mikolajek451 on Jun 15 2020, 11:29
Hey! i made a mission just for YOU! Killing Your Chickens was nice pleasure, but please STOP posting shit missions. Here's the download


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