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Old TriadAug 27 2012, 11:454.577913143
The County Bulls: Go to HellNov 10 2012, 18:41585913595
The County Bulls: Old FriendNov 10 2012, 18:41579912193
The County Bulls: Family RevengeNov 10 2012, 18:424.579712592
Lords of DrugJul 01 2013, 22:483.3399815519


Added by TheMohammed on Aug 26 2012, 23:06
Added by TheMohammed on Aug 26 2012, 23:06
hello guys
Added by TheMohammed on Aug 26 2012, 23:06
Added by M0T0RH3@D on Aug 27 2012, 11:43
Added by secritek on Sep 19 2012, 00:02
you wanted second mission for GTA MW, here you go: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/21257

also you can track this topic for next ones: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?s=03989c6fb0d30b2911f4a50a25db9c59&showtopic=524834
Added by M0T0RH3@D on Sep 26 2012, 16:19
thanks fella!
Added by MichalPitlys on Nov 16 2012, 21:09
Hello, you advise me how to do the mission just for reading?
Added by MichalPitlys on Dec 02 2012, 15:54
Hi, I do not know how to make text that was behind ... I got it like this:
I get into the car with Sweet and Ryder and I have a goal that leads to only one text:

Sweet = Here we go!

How do I put there multiple texts to one goal? for example:

Sweet = Here we go!
Ryder = How are you, CJ?
CJ = Good, what about you, Swee?
Sweet = OK ...
Added by Yadullah Abidi on Apr 05 2013, 10:57
hi,there pls tell me how to add music in a storyline and how to make perfect cutscenes....
Pls play my first storyline-The return to the KIng
Added by Yadullah Abidi on Apr 05 2013, 10:58
sorry the neme is Back to the KIng- PLEASE PLAY IT I BEG YOU!!!
Added by Cj-2013 on Jun 11 2013, 07:47
Added by General Scrotum on Jul 09 2013, 13:25
I believe you cannot hide objective vehicles, to answer your question.
Added by Cj-2013 on Jun 13 2014, 21:08
Hi M0T0RH3@D which one dude like my dyom misson?

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