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Formerly known as StradaBoy

Check out my Youtube channel for such GTA/DYOM videos, tutorials, also subscribe if you like my videos and if you willing to see walkthroughs, reviews, tutorials and such.


About Me:
I'm started to design missions on November 07, 2015. I planned to design my first mission pack called: Balla stories, after when I made 4 missions, i canceled the project, and quit DYOM just a 1 year. In June, I just created an old and first account in this website called: ''StradaBoy''. Also, my first project was ''WarFighter''. I remembered how I was a fan making Military themed missions when I finished my project Warfighter, I started to make the sequel of that mp: ''WarFighter II: Operation Throwbreaker''. It was one of my successes series ever, after those projects, I left Warfighter III on hold, after that I've started another new themed mission pack: The Assasin Codename 67. in that MP, it was really messed up, for real. It was frustrating all about wanted level, even that. I put so many enemies health more like 1000 or 500 HP's, you know it's crazy. After that project, I finished my project Warfighter III and started to make a new MP called: Mark's New Life, it was my longest MP's I've ever done. After those all projects, I've started to make MOTW missions, it was the winner of my mission on MOTW #79 mission. You can see it. After that, I forgot my old account password, and send a message to AnDreJ98 to create the new one account called: ''Martin Strada''. And that's all about.

My Interests:

I really like to play games, reading books, hang out with friends, surfing the net, even community, and after I registered my dyom account, I've found some friends, more like: Huzaifa, GHOZT, Danz, MartZ2, Heisenberg_GR, Jhan Dave.

Also those are my favorite games, that I counted:

GTA Series
L4D2 (my addiction now...)
Call of Duty (not those stupid futuristic crap, and new WWII.)
Medal of Honor
Player-Unknown Battlegrounds
Escape from Tarkov
League of Legends
Assassins Creed
Witcher Series
Call of Juarez
Deus Ex
Mass Effect
Far Cry
Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor
Tomb Raider
The Elder Scrolls
Saints Row

My Setup:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Memory: HyperX 8GB RAM
Graphic Hardware: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB OC
Motherboard: Asus P9X79 Deluxe
Monitor: Phillips I90S
Keyboard: ACME KS07 Slim Keyboard
Mouse: Deltaco MS-775
Headphones: Defender FreeMotion B703
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
Recording Software: Shadowplay
Video Rendering Software: Sony Vegas Pro 12

Special Awards:

A Cage MatchMOTW #79
The Kings of Los SantosDYOM Awards 2017
Most Improved Designer 2017DYOM Awards 2017
The Law of BlackoutDC99's Most Beautiful Mission
Modern Frontlines (COD4) Act IDC99's Mission DYOM Awards

Mission Pack/Storylines Status:

[MP] Modern FrontlinesWork in ProgressAction, War, Army.Link
[SL] The Gangster's UndergroundWork in ProgressAction, Gang, Revenge.Link
[SL] King of Los SantosWork in ProgressAction, Crime, Gang. Link
[SL] The Money ChroniclesWork in ProgressAction, Crime, Assassin.Link

The year is 2011, Vlad Rodriguez begins a coup in the Afganistan, while Russia is in the Civil War, between the Ultranationalists and Government Loyalists. To complete the revolution, Vlad executes the mayor of Los Santos and takes all San Andreas territories. Meanwhile, a new Europe Force 141 recruit 'Sponge' Wilkins has passed the Selection and is now joining Cpt.Cost's squad and Cost will soon reveal that Vlad is just a small fish in these operations. It's up to you to discover the truth.

In this mission pack, you will play as ballas member Lucas Green, he was served in Ballas for 3 years and then, Lucas flight to Liberty City for 5 years. After those 5 years, when he came to his hometown hood, he saw some strange activities in Ballas territory, dealers are everywhere, now Lucas has to fight the gangs to bring back the strong gang: ''Front Yard Ballas''. In this mission pack, you will fight with your enemies, like Grove Street, Crack Dealers, Aztecas, and Vagos. Lucas's friend and Balla members will help you to kill the enemies. You will get a task from your taskmates, or with your friends. It will consist about 3 chapters included all counted 8 missions.

1996, Los Santos
The Place where you can do everything, crime, robbery, extortion. The mechanic Lance Reed is working in Ocean Docks with his old buddy Ajax Sean. Lance likes to make an action, but he's not going to the army, his life to get some wheels. You will follow Lance Reed's stories who cause a lot of misery...

San Andreas, somewhere around 80's. The Crime Families rises with the help of corrupt cops and Politicians. James Daniels is just a 21 years old kid who doesn't care about his family, but how to fight with thugs and earn easy money. The 5 Group of Gangs wants to take over the city with extortions or blood. James Lance and his friend Sam Roger came back to San Andreas, they saw many changes in SA. The Sethdev's Mafia helped Daniels and Sam to stand again on feets. Daniels will saw many dead people and how much killed everyone in LV.

Thanks for watching my profile, play my missions any time if you want, and don't forgot to rate and comment!

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MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationJurbarkas, Lithuania
Birthdate2005, July 12nd
RespectList"Respect has to be earned, Sweet. Just like money."
― Big Smoke

Huzaifa Khan
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DeAdly Pyth0n
Alan Eastwood
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Martin Strada

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Nov 07 '17
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Aug 16 '18
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2 Avg: 3.2
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26 Avg: 4.9
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134 Avg: 3.7

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
[MP] - Modern Frontlines - Act I (COD4)Aug 02 2018, 11:433.42818988010
The Rest of FleshAug 15 2018, 13:523264313074

Trailer List

GameplayNov 21 2017, 16:015
The King of Los Santos - Reveal GameplayDec 09 2017, 11:065
TKoLS II. - Demonstrational WalkthroughDec 18 2017, 15:135
"The King of Los Santos I.: GameplayDec 21 2017, 13:125
TKoLS II. - Demonstrational Walkthrough2Dec 24 2017, 13:515
TKoLS II. - Demonstrational Walkthrough3Dec 30 2017, 11:575
Seville Downfall (DYOM) (60fps)Dec 31 2017, 11:405
Sniped Walkthrough.Jan 24 2018, 16:05-
[TGU] Reveal GameplayJan 29 2018, 13:263.4
[TMC] Reveal GameplayFeb 19 2018, 09:055
[TMC] Reveal Gameplay..Feb 25 2018, 12:225
Made by Mikolajek #1Mar 18 2018, 10:095
Made by Mikolajek #2 Mar 18 2018, 10:095
Made by Mikolajek #3Mar 18 2018, 10:095
Made by Mikolajek #4Mar 18 2018, 10:105
Made by North RockMar 18 2018, 10:105
Made by Ryder Studios #1Mar 18 2018, 10:105
Made by Ryder Studios #2Mar 18 2018, 10:105
Made by Ryder Studios #3Mar 18 2018, 10:115
Made by Me #1Mar 18 2018, 10:115
Made by Me #2Mar 18 2018, 10:115
Made by Me #3Mar 18 2018, 10:115
Made by Me #4Mar 18 2018, 10:115
"M.F. E.F.1.4.1." - Part 1Mar 22 2018, 08:475
By Aznkei1 (7:34)May 18 2018, 18:14-
By Mikolajek (Jacob Italy)Jul 19 2018, 13:41-

Text Tutorial List

SL TutorialDec 16 2017, 14:371237
Best mission packs/storylines and SM's to playDec 30 2017, 09:4618077
Import/Export Text tutorialJan 21 2018, 09:491431


Added by Agent-X on Nov 08 2017, 03:45
Hlo Martin !
Added by Martin Strada on Nov 08 2017, 06:07
Hey! Welcome!
Added by Huzaifa on Nov 08 2017, 06:16
hey, new account ?
Added by Martin Strada on Nov 08 2017, 06:24
Added by Nafil on Nov 08 2017, 09:27
Yo yo yo
Added by DeAdLy PyThOn on Nov 11 2017, 16:15
W0W! I cant believe that I am in your respect list!
Added by StradaBoy on Nov 11 2017, 17:39
But you added me too! Thanks
Added by StradaBoy on Nov 11 2017, 17:39
Oops wrong account.
Added by Venom_Bro on Nov 18 2017, 12:05
I'm changing my respect list, need to add you of course!
Added by Martin Strada on Nov 19 2017, 10:54
Thanks, man :D
Added by Martin Strada on Nov 19 2017, 12:40
NEWS: Fort Carson: Stories Chapter 1 is released, download and play it, make sure feedback it!!!
Added by Yasir RFL on Nov 24 2017, 16:30
Yo bro! How r you?
Added by Martin Strada on Nov 24 2017, 17:46
Pretty fine and you?
Added by Emir Faruk Vatanseve on Dec 02 2017, 18:51
The Enforcer Special Forces mission pack?
Added by StradaBoy on Dec 02 2017, 19:08
Added by VInterPath on Dec 11 2017, 15:28
Nice profile, Martin.
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 11 2017, 15:30
Thanks, man. Check my missions and rate it :D

I will highly appreciate it
Added by LODoesGames on Dec 11 2017, 20:07
Sup Martin How is it
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 12 2017, 13:06
Pretty great.
Added by Soap Mactavish on Dec 15 2017, 09:59
hey bro Do check my Gang Days V3(Demo) and leave a feedback and ratings if u like it
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 15 2017, 12:12
Yeah.. Right. Gonna play it ASAP..
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 16 2017, 13:05
Added by GuerreroX on Dec 20 2017, 11:47
Good Missions Martin!Am Africa Designer btw....I Forget my old account password.
Added by Soap Mactavish on Dec 20 2017, 13:36
Hey bro do check my Gang Days V3 and tell if u like it ! LEave a feedback and rating!
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 20 2017, 14:14
+Soap Mactavish: Yo, I already checked it and rate it.

+GuerreroX: Well, welcome, I want to tell you that you cannot do a second acc, it's multiple's accounts are not allowed.
Added by GuerreroX on Dec 20 2017, 14:34
I Forgot my old pass....everybody do new account when they forgot that

Can you add me in respect list?
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 20 2017, 14:39
Yeah, sure. I was lazy to edit my profile, but i can add you, sure.
Added by IsiX123 on Dec 20 2017, 18:41
Hey Martin! I'll see the F.C.S when I finish the first tier of a storyline of mine. Your missions are cool and you do nice reviews. You're in my respect list
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 21 2017, 13:14
Thanks, man. You're a damn bloody friend.
Added by GuerreroX on Dec 21 2017, 14:40
Dude you cousins are damn cool!who they are?
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 21 2017, 15:00
They from Lithuania, they started designing missions in 2014. They tried to make a mission series about Ballas, but they failed, but they for now on, they finally designed one, the profile: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/14478
Added by IsiX123 on Dec 24 2017, 17:56
Martin can you check my mission for 9th Dyom contest? I would appreciate it if you left a review in the comments
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 25 2017, 14:01
Yeah, gonna try it out.

By the way, new storyline is coming out soon.
Added by IsiX123 on Dec 25 2017, 17:30
Great. I'll give feedback after I try.
Added by TheRyder on Jan 04 2018, 15:54
Hey friend!Can you add me to respect list?am added you to my respect list...i think you know me a little
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 04 2018, 18:59
Yes, added
Added by CrisPK on Jan 16 2018, 16:53
Hi Martin! To be honest I never play any of your missions so would be nice if you can give me a link for 2 of your best missions and let me decide, I don't want to have random people in respect list ^^

Thanks for understanding
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 17 2018, 14:43
@CrisPK: You want me to give a link for my 2 best missions? Aíght those missions were from my series TKOLS.


1. Let the game begin...
2. Night out.
Added by Nafil on Jan 20 2018, 10:19
Thank you for adding me on your respect list mate!
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 20 2018, 12:39
Your welcome, brother.
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 28 2018, 11:58
Also, if you want your mission to be recorded, please send the comments here or in my topic in GTAforums.com: http://gtaforums.com/topic/897498-martin-makes-a-dyom-walkthrough-for-you-60fps/page-1
Added by TheRyder on Jan 29 2018, 18:32
Why am not in respect list,Martin?
Added by Martin Strada on Feb 03 2018, 16:17
Yo, I already added you.
Added by TheRyder on Feb 14 2018, 18:22
Added by Martin Strada on Feb 19 2018, 09:33
Everyone's AFK? Well....
Added by IsiX123 on Feb 26 2018, 19:07
Martin bro are you uploading TMC as both storyline and mp so we can choose either way?
Added by Martin Strada on Feb 27 2018, 06:30
Sure, those who's bad at storyline, then MP is the choice.
Added by Yasir RFL on Mar 03 2018, 14:33
LOL. My eyes are dizzy right now, I can't able to see your respect list.
Added by Martin Strada on Mar 04 2018, 09:21
Who the fuck is rated 1 star on purpose??!
Added by Yasir RFL on Mar 10 2018, 15:50
That fucker Tales of Gayming, he rated 1 star on Mission Delete too.
Added by Martin Strada on Mar 10 2018, 17:55
He hates everyone.
Added by Phantom on Mar 19 2018, 19:23
I was having 1 stars on my missions too, Now I know who was rating those stars.
Added by Martin Strada on Mar 29 2018, 14:32
It's good mission, why you have to hate it alot and mine missions, cuz you didn't played it?
Added by PlayGames on Mar 29 2018, 14:34
It wasnt your mission the ( mission delete ) that someone hates
Added by Martin Strada on Mar 29 2018, 14:45
I know, but still. By not playing the mission and rating 1 star looks so disrespectful, you know that?
Added by Yasir RFL on Mar 31 2018, 04:21
That's what happens when some noobs enters in Pro area.
Added by Fatin Ilham on Apr 02 2018, 02:59
Ignore them Martin,they'll try to make u angry,keep up your work in cool mind.
Added by Martin Strada on Apr 14 2018, 09:49
I'm back guys, had a break for designing missions, I will finish that war-themed mission pack: Modern Frontlines. I promise..
Added by Martin Strada on May 05 2018, 07:53
Please vote which mission pack do I have to return.
Added by Martin Strada on Jun 09 2018, 09:53

New DYOM mission walkthrough channel.
Added by DennysCute99 on Jun 09 2018, 12:24
I'm not in your respect list, I should be in a few words.
Added by Martin Strada on Jun 10 2018, 11:09
Oh shit, sorry. Added.
Added by Martin Strada on Jun 18 2018, 11:31
You need to stay out of my sight or things will be get worsed.
Added by Martin Strada on Jun 21 2018, 11:02
Again with 1 star?
Added by abdulrahman on Jun 25 2018, 12:57
Keep going ! ^_^
Added by Martin Strada on Jun 26 2018, 07:55
Thank you. :D
Added by RealShit on Jun 26 2018, 08:10
Hey Martin can you give your email id
I wanted to contact for some discussion
Added by Martin Strada on Jun 26 2018, 11:11
Added by Roxie on Sep 02 2018, 16:30
Hey man sup
Added by Martinovich on Sep 05 2019, 15:14
NEW ACCOUNT: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/30054
Added by JP missoes on May 18 2020, 01:41
ei cara como voce faz para mandar sua missoes a esse site para que ele seja baixado
Added by Creative845 on Jun 30 2020, 06:47
Hey Martin. You need to make the storylines which the people are waiting for you.

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