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Welcome to my dope account,
I'm Stelios known us in-game(s): AlexM/Alex Magana, i am 24y/o and i live in Thessaloniki (Greece). In my life i am working as an Information Technology Technician/Manager and Personal Computer Technician. I started playing Design Your Own Mission since 2009 - present. I found the mod interesting and i'm still rocking on it.

I used to be called in DYOM (GTA Compton) after some year passed i started thinking to create more missions public so i came up with name (Killer13) and i got alot of experiences and fun.

After one year i started thinking to create a group in DYOM so i called my cousins / brother to load-up a brand new DYOM Group called (Blue Ray Team we made a huge success and participated with many DYOM Designers including my cousin's group (Red Wolves Team).

Unfortunately it came up that Blue Ray Team was dying group and i came to a huge cancelation, my cousin and my brother quited DYOM for some period and i was doing only single mission packs.

Now, i begged my cousin and my brother to help me out once again in DYOM so we're back as group (North York Knights) we would love to participate with other DYOM Designers but unfortunately we will create less MPs as i'm working on Single Missions this period.

Information About Me
In my life i'm a Youtube Enthusiast who loves making videos related to Life , Gaming , Technology.

Youtube: www.youtube.com/alexmplays
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alexmplays
Instagram: www.instagram.com/alexmplays
Home: www.alex-magana.epizy.com
Blog: blog.alex-magana.epizy.com
Community: forum.alex-magana.epizy.com
DYOM Group: North York Knights @ https://discord.gg/xNhJE6E

Single Missions
Allentown Boys: Mex Cartels #4NormalReleased
Allentown Boys: Brotherhood #2NormalN/A
Allentown Boys: Brotherhood #3NormalN/A
Este Vato: Mission #2NormalDesigning
Este Vato: Mission #3NormalDesigning
Supernatural: Season 1 Episode 1Normal/HardN/A
24 Hours To LiveNormal/HardN/A
Brian Johnson: Chase OnNormal/HardDesigning

Group Missions
The SuspectNorth York KnightsN/A
Cursed DollNorth York KnightsOn Scheduled
AztlanNorth York KnightsN/A
EnigmaNorth York KnightsN/A

MOTW Missions
[ MOTW #93 ] Go SkydiveDownload!N/A
[ MOTW #94 ] Brian JohnsonDownload!Link 1
& Link 2
[ MOTW #95 ] VAMPYREDownload!N/A
[ MOTW #96 ] BiteDesigning!N/A

If you are enjoying my missions dont forget:

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★ DYOM Designers ★
★ And everyone who will respect me! ★
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Added by TheRyder on Jan 16 2018, 16:30
Nice.Welcome back to DYOM

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