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Attention, please!

I am not using this account anymore and I never will. I just wanted to say this so I would not get in trouble with the moderator team. I asked a friend to create me a new account and he did. I sincerely ask you not to ban me for "using multiple accounts", because I am not. I am using only one. My new account is M.B. Kovas. Consider this profile dead.


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Dec 24 '17
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Sep 12 '18
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Seville DownfallDec 30 2017, 21:39428784152
Wet Politics (MOTW #99)Mar 19 2018, 01:314.51285110514


Added by GuerreroX on Dec 24 2017, 17:08
New Account?can you add me to respect list bro?
Added by GTA San Andreas Miss on Dec 24 2017, 18:32
Welcome to DYOM Website :)
You can check My Wiki out : https://goo.gl/9N5Sy5
Added by MartZ2 on Dec 24 2017, 18:40
Yeah, it's my new account. Tried to reach out to the DYOM developers to initiate a name change for my original one, but that didn't work out. Got a new one now. By the way, my respect list is pretty strict. I only add people who I have exceptional respect for something specific for. All of them in my list accomplished something good by my book.
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 25 2017, 10:11
Welcome dude, I hope you will design those missions way better than your last account. :D
Added by MartZ2 on Dec 25 2017, 12:17
@Martin Strada
Will do my best. Thanks for the support!
Added by GuerreroX on Dec 28 2017, 23:17
Then why you dont add me to respect list?i add you but you dont.....this is sad man. is like a rich guy love proffesional designers and doesnt respect poor rookie designers.
Added by MartZ2 on Dec 29 2017, 01:04
To be honest, I generally respect everyone. Even my enemies. Also, my respect list contains some rookie designers too, but I should let you know - they never asked to become part of it. Guerrero, to me (no disrespect) you seem like someone who relies on others' opinions too much. Try doing something yourself, and find joy in what you do. If you become a great and respectfull designer/contributing member in the forums, you will also be in my respect list. It's that simple, actually
Added by Yasir RFL on Dec 30 2017, 09:27
Hi Delaware, after a long time a met you ! How r u buddy? Your future projects are looking awesome.
Added by Yasir RFL on Dec 30 2017, 09:28
Added by MartZ2 on Dec 30 2017, 16:04
@Yasir RFL
I'm fine, Yasir. Thanks. And yes, my projects are surely going to be an advancement next year. I'm working to make it happen.
Added by StradaBoy on Dec 30 2017, 22:03
http://dyom.gtagames.nl/showtut/379 can you check this tuto and rate? Thanks.
Added by Soap Mactavish on Jan 02 2018, 12:36
Hi great missions u got! Do check my Gang Days V3 and tell if u like it! Leave a feedback and ratings!
Added by MartZ2 on Jan 02 2018, 19:26
@Soap Mactavish
Thanks, and I will.

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