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City Of Silence Complete EditionPart 5TrailerNot Made Yet
Mission/Mission SeriesStatusTrailerGta Forums Topic
SuperNaturalCh.3Not Started YetLink
Mission/Mission SeriesStatusTrailerGta Forums Topic
True Crime: Streets Of SACh.1Not MadeLink

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Thank You Guys For Playing My Missions, Once Again xD

I Am An DYOM Designer And I Love Creating Custom Missions, I Also Play Other Games Like Just Cause 2. I Love These Games And Now A Days, I Also Write Stories, Most Of The Time You Will Find Me On SA-MP Playing Zombie Games.


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationSomewhere In Earth
BirthdateBetween January To December
RespectListI Respect All But The Most Mati And Mattatatta
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Jul 24 '12
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Mar 11 '15
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
DO NOT DOWNLOADOct 31 2014, 14:3358022771
Mom's Killer Part 1Nov 11 2014, 16:48186213702
Mom's Killer Part 2Nov 11 2014, 16:48-78813791
Sanandreas 2 Nov 11 2014, 16:52119113034
HijackersNov 11 2014, 16:54-268418980
Living For Tyson Part 1 [Paranormal]Nov 11 2014, 17:00-80115974
Knowing Part 1Nov 11 2014, 17:05-70014230
Knowing Part 2Nov 11 2014, 17:05-67612200
Knowing Part 3Nov 11 2014, 17:05-82114530
The Secret Of The Flat Pt.1[Paranormal]Nov 11 2014, 17:08-82014250
The Secret Of The Flat Pt.2[Paranormal]Nov 11 2014, 17:08-70013030
The Secret Of The Flat Pt.3[Paranormal]Nov 11 2014, 17:08-74313180
Bike FunNov 11 2014, 17:102.67295019793
The Future [Complete] Nov 11 2014, 18:1547923031
Fighting ArenaNov 12 2014, 05:06577914151
SuperNatural Ch1[Detective + Paranormal]Nov 13 2014, 14:52437405139
SuperNatural Ch2[Detective + Paranormal]Nov 13 2014, 14:53232604391
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!Nov 17 2014, 13:2336392940
Behind All This Shit! [MOTW #17]Nov 24 2014, 14:164.2511732824
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!Nov 24 2014, 16:22-6392500
TCSoSA: Prologue/RobberyNov 24 2014, 16:2639583011

Trailer List

BIKE FUN TRAILEROct 08 2012, 16:52-
The HijackersMar 04 2014, 13:04-
SuperNatural Ch.1 Official TrailerOct 28 2014, 16:10-
SuperNatural Ch.2 Official TrailerOct 31 2014, 14:45-


Added by Carl Steve Carson on Jul 30 2012, 15:49
your missions are very nice and cool
Added by Carl Steve Carson on Jul 30 2012, 15:49
your missions are very nice and cool
Added by sameer on Jul 31 2012, 17:11
thank you
Added by sameer on Aug 04 2012, 16:30
thx for download
my missions
Added by prakhar33 on Oct 10 2012, 13:05
Oh,really? You forgot to hide them or you dont know how to hide them?You dont test your mission after making? If you test it then you can understand easily even a 6 years kid can understand this that there is a mistake of hiding the actors in the mission.So, it is clear that you dont know how to hide them. Ok, no problem I can teach you how to hide actors:
1. First select the objective after that you have to hide actor.
2.Now go to actor and hide it. It will hide after the objective you have selected.
Added by MichalPitlys on Dec 02 2012, 20:41
Hi, I do not know how to make text that was behind ... I got it like this:
I get into the car with Sweet and Ryder and I have a goal that leads to only one text:

Sweet = Here we go!

How do I put there multiple texts to one goal? for example:

Sweet = Here we go!
Ryder = How are you, CJ?
CJ = Good, what about you, Swee?
Sweet = OK ...
Added by MichalPitlys on Dec 02 2012, 20:44
Nice doing missions, make it read-only - so no one could edit!

You do not know how? Create a mission to give Mission Menu > Publish Mission
Added by TheJacob2010 on Oct 28 2014, 13:57
Fajne, tylko czemu tylko po angielsku ?
Added by 666...Marcos...666 on Oct 29 2014, 01:41
Você fala a minha língua? Ou usou algum tradutor?
Added by sameer on Oct 29 2014, 13:11
Ponieważ język angielski ogólny i każdy zrozumie .so zacznę Misje w języku angielskim
Added by TheJacob2010 on Oct 29 2014, 14:17
The Mission czyli ?
Added by FRArom on Nov 02 2014, 20:34
I will try your missions and let a comment when I have time. :D

Et mon nom c'est "FRArom" (J'ai pas envie de donner mon vrai nom, désolé) :)
Added by FRArom on Nov 02 2014, 20:36
Send me a message if you need advice. :)
Added by abdulrahman on Nov 25 2014, 14:31
Added by mouaz on Nov 28 2014, 17:59
i play the mission
Behind All This Shit! [MOTW #17]
and i give to you fidpack
Added by SamKetchum on May 15 2015, 07:42
My Old Profile :D
Added by Optinj44 on Sep 20 2016, 10:08
Director of search engine optimization Gundolpho Mosier interests includes new flicks, frisbee golf - frolf. Last of all he also really likes checking out new towns, c
ities and countries just like Port Louis.

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