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Welcome! Currently informations of description are listed above as complete/full.

I am a current Game Developer who helps in scripting,programming,coding games and the one who fixes technical issues, and other types of problems in applications/software. Currently surpassed the highest rating of average of scoring in Technical/Technology/Programming/Coding/Scripting/Fixing subject/discussion.

These are my Skills Types of Traits.

Current Analytical Skills: I am able to recognize the needs of the customers, and create new applications that answer those needs. for communication I am able to clearly communicate my ideas to coders, teammates and management. for creativity i am able to help invent new ways of approaching problems and developing innovative applications. for customer-Service, if dealing directly with clients and customers, Applications. As a Developer and also a good customer service i have the skills to answer questions and fix issues. and all of that, Applications have many parts and all must work together for the application to function for problem-solving, as issues come up, application developers need to be able to make decisions that move the project forward.As part of a large team of developers, coders and more, as an application developer i need to work well with others. Last but not the least, as an application developer I am adept in computer languages and have good technical knowhow.

If any of my missions published below causes crash,bugs, or even misunderstanding events of main plots,etc. Your reports would be very helpful, I will of course uploading updated missions oftenly as possible as i can.


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