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Vodă Man (formerly known as KarbaXan / Despot Vodă) welcomes you to his profile and invites you to play his missions and storylines.
Storylines: Grand Theft Auto: Loose Ends (formerly Story of Legends)
Underwater Chronicles (INCOMING PROJECT)



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Voda Man

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Mar 18 '18
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Nov 19 '21
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Story of Legends (Cancelled)Sep 27 2021, 00:3855821670
Grand Theft Auto: Loose EndsOct 18 2021, 00:58-5261720

Trailer List

GTA LE - Claude's Chapter (Trailer) Sep 28 2021, 15:23-
GTA LE - CJ's Chapter (Trailer)Sep 29 2021, 03:53-


Added by GKHEAT on Jul 25 2018, 15:07
Visit here and you will learn more
Added by Mirkisa on Dec 16 2018, 13:26
Story of legends it was a nice storyline, i liked the models hat you made, im currently also making a storyline where everything is beta so you will need a gta3 file, too. My gta sa is not working now so when its done ill do it. PS: can you give me some tips when im making it, cuz your good.
Added by Voda Man on Dec 16 2018, 16:31
Well, thank you for your positive feedback, Mirkisa!
As of the models, I didn't create them myself. I just downloaded them from the internet and replaced the original files in gta3.img accordingly.

Also sure, I can give you some tips on how to make your MP good, if you want.
Added by Mirkisa on Dec 24 2018, 17:21
Q1:Okay so when im making my storyline i first make a safehouse icon and then the first mission icon, ita ll shows up but when i complete the first mission, mission 2 autostarts, if you know how to fix this, thanks.
If you dont know how to make this mission heres Q2:
I cant make any mission ideas.HElppp
Added by Voda Man on Jan 08 2019, 22:58
Dear Mirkisa,

I am sorry for responding so late, but I had been very busy with all sorts of stuff lately.
Now for the questions:
Q1: I don't have much experience in creating storylines using DYOM this way ;/ , but if I find a solution to your problem I will post it here.
Q2: I have 2 ideas for now: Either a NFS-style Storyline (with racing, plot, and even some character development), or the following: A guy in his 20's whose father was killed by the Russian Mafia; With the help of his decease
Added by Voda Man on Jan 08 2019, 23:01
deceased father's friends he has his revenge; (This one was shortly explained; You can add plot twists and other stuff however you want);
I hope this helps you, and good luck with your missions!
Your boi, KarbaXan

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