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Welcome To All The Viewers To My profile I Hope That All Of You Will Be Fine I Am Still Uploading Dyom Mission On This Profile I Hope That All Of You Would Like My Missions If You See Any Mistake You Can Tell me Freely On My Profile Or Mission Page

(My Formus Profile)

My Recommendation

Mission DesignerMission NameRatings
*Fahad Nadeem*Loose Ends From MW2*4 Star
*Fahad Nadeem*Kill Tenpeny*3.5 Star
*Fahad Nadeem*Call Of Duty End of Villans (Sequel Of Return Of targets)*5 Star
*Fahad Nadeem*Down The Rabbit Hole (Remake)*4 Star
*Fahad Nadeem*Come Back of Claude*4 Star
*Fahad Nadeem*Bussiness Restlessness*5 Star
*Fahad Nadeem*PUBG Miramir*3.65 Star
*Fahad Nadeem*Bike Snatchers*4 Star


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MembergroupDYOM Designer
Birthdate29/ 4 / 2005
RespectListI Respect All But Some Of Them Are :
Huzaifa Khan
RithRake 24
Polski Oski
Your Name 2
Madd Carl
Gtaforums.com UsernameFahadEbad

Ebad Nadeem

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Jun 06 '18
Last Login
Jul 18 '21
Missions made
39 Avg: 4.5
Trailers made
1 Avg: -
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33 Avg: 4.1

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Sanfieroo Under Attack (Part 1)Mar 18 2020, 10:58-2092712
Grand Stealing Apr 26 2020, 16:41-120581
Bike SnatchersMay 14 2020, 14:3442282434
War is BetrayelMay 20 2020, 15:06-2612491
Mysterious Forest (Part 1)Jun 13 2020, 13:20-4642854
Mysterious Forest (Part 2)Jun 13 2020, 13:21-1412220
Mysterious Forest (Part 3)Jun 13 2020, 13:22-1422201
Two Man Army (1/3)Jun 13 2020, 13:26-3613380
Two Man Army (2/3)Jun 13 2020, 13:26-3163150
Two Man Army (3/3)Jun 13 2020, 13:27-3253210
Gang Wars : Rifa VS TriadsJun 19 2020, 07:4753583421
[MP] LuXuryJun 22 2020, 18:52-144591
Gang Wars : GroveJul 03 2020, 08:0756835052
Need For SpeedJul 07 2020, 08:083.675793286
World War II (Full Package) RepackedJul 07 2020, 08:08-4662047
Down The Rabbit Hole (MW 3)Jul 08 2020, 06:414.672432027
Ghost Reacon (Part 2)Jul 08 2020, 10:21-149792
Ghost Reacon (Part 1)Jul 08 2020, 10:23-195842
Call Of Duty (Return Of Targets)Jul 08 2020, 10:2543201635
Call Of Duty (The Last Enemy) Jul 08 2020, 10:2753741483
Evil NightsJul 10 2020, 08:095172614
LuXury Episode 1Jul 11 2020, 07:04-781171
Come Back Of ClaudeJul 13 2020, 15:3748124182
Business RestlessnessJul 13 2020, 15:3752762436
Kill Tenpenny Jul 13 2020, 15:384157811838
Loose Ends From MW2Jul 13 2020, 15:3845634503
PUBG SanhokJul 14 2020, 20:11556849711
LuXury Episode 2Jul 24 2020, 16:16-1211611
LuXury Episode 3Aug 29 2020, 17:00-50821
LuXury Episode 4Aug 29 2020, 17:01-46931
LuXury Episode 5Aug 29 2020, 17:02-53831
LuXury Episode 6Aug 29 2020, 17:02-54841
LuXury Episode 7Aug 29 2020, 17:03-491071
LuXury Episode 8Aug 29 2020, 17:04-501221
LuXury Episode 9Aug 29 2020, 17:04-451081
LuXury Episode 10Aug 29 2020, 17:05-471181
LuXury Episode 11 - 2nd Last EpisodeAug 29 2020, 17:06-42812
LuXury Episode 12 - Last EpisodeAug 29 2020, 17:125841192
PUBG MiramarMay 08 2021, 18:564.251505136019

Trailer List

Gta Sanandreas Dyom Mysterious Forest 1Jan 08 2020, 08:40-


Added by Huzaifa on Aug 07 2019, 10:35
Ebad, are you from Pakistan ?
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Aug 08 2019, 10:29
Yes Yes
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Aug 08 2019, 10:29
Are You Also From Pakistan
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Aug 30 2019, 17:58
Under Contruction Missions

Most Thrilling Action War Dyom Pack (Battlegrounds)
3/8 Missions Has Been Designed

Required Mods I Will be In Mission Pack Discription
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 27 2020, 19:17
Ebad, participate in weekly DYOM [Mission Of The Week] MOTW Contest to enhance your designing skills. You can also share your MP's here: https://gtaforums.com/forum/263-dyom/

- Also visit my profile. Hope you like it! : https://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/7892

Have FUN!
Added by YourName 2 on Mar 21 2020, 17:52
Wassup Ebad
Added by Huzaifa on Apr 27 2020, 21:16
I think you're die hard fan of COD :D
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Apr 28 2020, 09:26
Yes Yes I Am Die Hard Fan Of COD
Added by Madd carl on May 11 2020, 14:29
sup ebad
Added by Creative845 on Jun 22 2020, 16:00
That mission ''PUBG Miramar'' was awesome but not hard. I suggest you should make PUBG Sanhok but more harder. One more thing, I added you to my respect list.
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Jun 23 2020, 15:13
Thanks For Your FeedBack (Creative845) And I Am Busy These Days If I Get Some Free Time Then I Will Create. Thanks For Adding Me In Your Respect List I Also Added You
Added by Sadman.BD on Jun 27 2020, 19:59
Hey, urban pubg mission is awesome
Added by Sadman.BD on Jun 27 2020, 20:00
I am a fan of cod too. I got all of the versions. Make mission on this "the hornet nest" mission of cod mw 2
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Jul 03 2020, 08:11
Ok, Bro, I Try To Create If I Can Thanks For Your FeedBack Sadman.BD
Added by Sadman.BD on Jul 05 2020, 10:27
Thanks my friend
Added by tmt gamer on Sep 16 2020, 17:55
hello dear! thanks for creating such amazing missions rememeber im from pakistan too 🥰
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Sep 17 2020, 12:40
Thanks For Your FeedBack tmt Gamer
Added by tmt gamer on Sep 18 2020, 13:14
thanks for playing my mission
Added by tmt gamer on Sep 18 2020, 13:17
and please creat a mission on this ((the murder series)) please!
Added by tmt gamer on Sep 18 2020, 13:35
and also i add you in my respect list i respect you very much
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Sep 22 2020, 11:00
Thanks Bro tmt Gamer
Added by tmt gamer on Sep 22 2020, 15:22
thanks for rating
Added by Anouar on Sep 30 2020, 17:17
Thanks bro... Please download the Delta Bravo and tell me if there need anymore customization. And I will upload the mission with skin links
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Oct 01 2020, 17:33
Ok Bro I Will Definitely Try Your Mission
Added by Anouar on Oct 02 2020, 10:24
I dont Have any Whats app :-(
Added by Anouar on Oct 02 2020, 10:24
Bro make more Cod missions. I am waiting for it!!
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Oct 02 2020, 11:44
@yasashakeel@gmail.co: I Will Join The Group When I Need Some Help Thanks For The link Of Watsapp Group

Anouar: Bro I Will Make Code Missions But Now i am At A Little Break And Also Thinking For Some Ideas
Added by tmt gamer on Oct 02 2020, 12:21
hi bro ebad nadeem i need your help for some tips for mission design
Added by tmt gamer on Oct 02 2020, 12:22
can you tell me some tips
Added by tmt gamer on Oct 02 2020, 12:23
im working on this story lines
work in progress
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Nov 14 2020, 18:16
Sorry for Late Reply Bro

Hitman 1234:It Should Be Stealthy Like Not too Much War Scene You Can Choose Any Cool Location To And Put Some Additional Features Like Escape And Some Other

The Bloody Case In Los Santos:I Cant Tell Because i Dont Know Which Type of Story is in this Mission

I Tried My Full To Help :)
Added by tmt gamer on Jul 13 2021, 13:57
hello bro can you please play my mission trail of a murder (demo)❤
Added by hhhh on Jul 18 2021, 15:24

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