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Pakistani Dyom Designer


Welcome To All The Viewers To My profile I Hope That All Of You Will Be Fine I Am Still Uploading Dyom Mission On This Profile I Hope That All Of You Would Like My Missions If You See Any Mistake You Can Tell me Freely On My Profile Or Mission Page

(My Formus Profile)

My Best Rated Missions

Mission DesignerMission NameTheme
*Fahad Nadeem*Loose Ends From MW2*Story Of MW2 Loose Ends Mission
*Fahad Nadeem*Kill Tempany*Kill The Inspector Tempany Because he Is Back
*Fahad Nadeem*Call Of Duty Last Enemy (Sequel Of End Of targets)*Kill The Last Enemy Of Modern Warfare In Sanandreas

MOTW Participated Missions

Mission DesignerMission NameTheme
*Fahad Nadeem*Bussiness Restlessness*Design a Mission where the main character is a bodyguard in which he is responsible for the safety of one, or many people
*Fahad Nadeem*Come Back Of Claude*Design a freestyle-like mission involving the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto III, Claude.
*Fahad Nadeem*Down The Rabbit Hole
With SD
*Remake a scene from a video game.

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MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationPakistan , Mullan Mansoors
Birthdate29/ 4 / 2005
Fahad Nadeem
Ebad Nadeem
Saad Nadeem
Emad Nadeem
Huzaifa Khan
Gtaforums.com UsernameFahad Ebad

Ebad Nadeem

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Jun 06 '18
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Feb 28 '20
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19 Avg: 4.2
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4 Avg: 3.8

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
World War II (Full Package)(Re-uploaded)Jan 17 2020, 18:06-82211
Grand Stealing (Remastered)(Re-Uploaded)Jan 17 2020, 18:07-17101
A Way Out (1/3)Jan 17 2020, 18:08-89970
A Way Out (2/3)Jan 17 2020, 18:09-69960
A Way Out (3/3)Jan 17 2020, 18:09-57820
Mysterious Forest (Part 1)Jan 17 2020, 18:09-79392
Mysterious Forest (Part 2)Jan 17 2020, 18:10-21160
Mysterious Forest (Part 3)Jan 17 2020, 18:10-27241
Ghost Reacon (Part 1)(Re-Uploaded)Jan 17 2020, 18:10-2381
Ghost Reacon (Part 2)(Re-Uploaded)Jan 17 2020, 18:10-1550
Call Of Duty (Return Of Targets)Jan 20 2020, 12:02-89565
Call Of Duty (The End Of Villans) Jan 20 2020, 12:06582411
Come Back Of ClaudeFeb 16 2020, 07:29-92400
Sanfieroo Under Attack (Part 1)Feb 21 2020, 08:59-811002
Loose Ends From MW2Feb 21 2020, 08:5942332192
Pirate Men And Army PapersFeb 21 2020, 09:14-1050
Business RestlessnessFeb 24 2020, 11:27-105355
Kill Tempany Feb 27 2020, 11:563.673402722
Down The Rabbit Hole With SDFeb 27 2020, 11:57453144


Added by Huzaifa on Aug 07 2019, 10:35
Ebad, are you from Pakistan ?
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Aug 08 2019, 10:29
Yes Yes
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Aug 08 2019, 10:29
Are You Also From Pakistan
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Aug 30 2019, 17:58
Under Contruction Missions

Most Thrilling Action War Dyom Pack (Battlegrounds)
3/8 Missions Has Been Designed

Required Mods I Will be In Mission Pack Discription
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 27 2020, 19:17
Ebad, participate in weekly DYOM [Mission Of The Week] MOTW Contest to enhance your designing skills. You can also share your MP's here: https://gtaforums.com/forum/263-dyom/

- Also visit my profile. Hope you like it! : https://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/7892

Have FUN!

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