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Hi, I'm SkyGTA_User! I just joined this June 2018, not too old, right? I know..haha.. but i already made some bad missions!

It's a big twist in the San Andreas world "What if Carl joined the Ballas?" I really focused on Frank Tenpenny, i think, he's the leader of the Ballas after Kane's death (just a random thought) and that's why i really focused on him! It was really a bad project, but i'll try my best to finish it and make a remake!

Mission NameCurrent VersionLink
1)Leaving GroveBeta 0.5Link
2)ManhuntBeta 1.0.1Link
3)SidelinesBeta 0.1Link
4)The MeetBeta 0.1Link
5)Paul KensingtonBeta 0.1Link

San Andreas, full of crime and corruption yet covered with beautiful cities. One day, a boy lives in the town of Palomino Creek, he wants to build and unite San Andreas all together into one peaceful place. How can he succeed?

A boy experiences scary dreams since his childhood, he looks for answers about his dream. How far can he go?


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respect, So, Respect everyone! As
you respect them, you will hear
respectful echoes.

Dutchy3010 and PatrickW
Giorgia Vinegar
Martin Strada
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Jun 23 '18
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Jul 26 '22
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
[MOTW #122] Made from LibertySep 06 2018, 13:32-8866890
Rise of the Unknown SpeciesSep 08 2018, 11:45-5128121
Love, BlueberrySep 08 2018, 11:49-7346960
[Carl's Betrayal 1] Leaving GroveSep 09 2018, 07:59311103685
[Carl's Betrayal 2] ManhuntSep 09 2018, 08:00-7418374
[Carl's Betrayal 3] SidelinesSep 09 2018, 08:01-146811081
[Carl's Betrayal 4] The MeetSep 09 2018, 08:18-4647051
[MOTW #125] FRAMESep 30 2018, 01:58-4326440
[Carl's Betrayal 5] Paul KensingtonSep 30 2018, 07:56-5432502


Added by Medo_GamerX on Jul 24 2018, 09:15
Welcome in DYOM world (:
Added by SkyGTA_User on Jul 28 2018, 10:53
you're late (thanks btw) ;)

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