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Me gusta hacer misiones de... militares, explosiones, hollywood, canceres, mas explosiones, rebeldes, caca, mas caca, rating, zombies, viejas zombies, gays zombies, brasileros zombies, tu mama zombie, paco, jason, Maklein, Klainer gamer, vegetta, mas rating, etc


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Jul 16 '18
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Oct 24 '21
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Rebelde Alfa [español - spanish]Jul 16 2018, 01:1855084841
Rebelde Alfa pt. 2: trabajo sucioJul 23 2018, 22:29-6514910
Rebelde Alfa pt. 3: el barcoJul 23 2018, 22:30-6924980
El asalto... [español-spanish]Jul 23 2018, 22:31410316924


Added by Nande Brasileiros on Jul 16 2018, 07:19
Hola amigo bienvenido! Please Visita Mi Perfil para Jugar Missiones zumbie
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Jul 16 2018, 22:18
I really enjoyed your mission.
Can you play mine too?

If you like do not forget to give 5/5 stars !!
My missions are dubbed and have soundtrack
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Jul 23 2018, 23:10
Que buena mission amigo 4/5 Stars!!!
Amigo Puede Jugar Mis Missiones Tambien!? Gracias se puder!

Fue divertido Matar Los 2 extraños en la casa e Ir a cadeia Jaja
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Jul 23 2018, 23:11
Added by GKHEAT on Jul 25 2018, 15:04
Visit here and you will learn more
Added by Ricah on Jan 15 2019, 07:07
Oye, bro. Tienes discord?

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