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Sup? I have like 2 years of DYOM and I can say that it was worth staying at the computer and just use my imagination is some missions which did not make sense, it was fun.
Right now I'm looking forward to start a project which is going to be big
(in this project I will add DLC after some time being released)
Stay chill the project it is going to be in English so literally everyone can play it until then peace out!


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Birthdate15 September
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Sep 27 '18
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Aug 08 '19
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The San Andreas ContractJan 07 2019, 19:47-11354550

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Gameplay without skins :) by Aira HusnaJan 14 2019, 13:22-
Gameplay without skins 2 :)by Aira HusnaJan 14 2019, 13:23-


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