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Machinima Director,Graphics designer,Animator,part time scripter,DYOM designer and ofcourse Gamer


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LocationVice City
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Aug 19 '12
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Jun 16 '15
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Zombie Virus OutbreakAug 20 2012, 15:083.67760214008
Biker storiesAug 27 2012, 13:144.33178061414
CLAUDE IN LAS VENTURASOct 05 2012, 19:443409351611
Zombie Virus Outbreak The final Crusade Oct 11 2012, 15:47514225826
Wheels of Speed part 1/3Nov 07 2012, 18:30-31294172
biker stories the new era pt 1Nov 11 2012, 16:14-14264965
biker stories the new era pt 2Nov 12 2012, 16:05311923896

Trailer List

Gta Sa Zombie Virus Outbreak trailer Sep 18 2012, 17:58-
WHEELS OF SPEED trailer (DYOM STORYLINE)Nov 07 2012, 18:29-
claude in las venturas trailerFeb 01 2013, 04:27-

Video Tutorial List

dyom tips and tricks part 1Sep 20 2012, 18:134.2

Text Tutorial List

How to make colored text (WITHOUT NOTEPAD ++ OR ANYTHING)Oct 01 2012, 15:142953


Added by Gguywesker101 on Sep 07 2012, 16:50
after making biker stories ,biker stories the new era and the zombie virus outbreak,new storylines are coming like the zombie virus the final crusade,and the peic long waited with more then 20 missions claude in las venturas coming soon
Added by Gguywesker101 on Oct 01 2012, 17:25
the next part of zombie virus outbreak (THE LAST CRUSADE,WHIcH is Gonna be so epic YOUL PEE YOUR UNDERWEAR),IS IN DEVELOPMENT,new characters (EVEN THE MAIN ONES),difrent story and ending,more survival like,and involves many colored text
Added by Gguywesker101 on Oct 01 2012, 17:37
even tought,the ZVO THE NEXT CRUSADE does not have the same character ,it stiill shows a few old characters for some time
like jason
Added by Gguywesker101 on Nov 01 2012, 15:42
i have realy been inactive recently(i apologize),but i am making 3 storyloines at once(zvo brothers in arms,wheels of speed,biker stories the new era pt 2)
Added by Gguywesker101 on Nov 07 2012, 18:34
after so much time the second and final part of the biker stories the new era will be out this week,stay tuned to finish the wonderful story and see jacks victory
Added by Gguywesker101 on Dec 10 2012, 10:24
I AM SORRY for being inactive,i will remain to be so for some time,my san andreas was having problems and it will take a month to repair it,so no missions till then,SORRY =/
Added by Gguywesker101 on Jan 05 2013, 17:25
i am back in biz people,and now that dyom v 7 is out,my missions will b e so more unique
Added by alibatman on May 02 2013, 11:43
Gguywesker101 how to player will be in a helicopter and must kill actor is inside the helicopter
Added by Gguywesker101 on May 02 2013, 13:25
well,first spawn a helicopter,and then spawn a Objective - kill actor,now select his guns and skin and use the "sit in vehicle" animation,there you can select either "follow player" or "attack player (will fire rockets at the player),you can also set a path using waypoints,BUT MAKE SURE that you make the character spawn close to the helicopter itself,and there,you got yourself a heli battle,for any more questions,i would be happy to help =D
Added by alithing on May 02 2013, 16:57
Thanks gguywesker101 i played your rise of forfeil it was awesome its got very good story gguy how to cutscene move for example from madd dog house to ganton??Please Tell me
Added by General Scrotum on May 04 2013, 18:22
It must be some bug or something. We'll look into it.
Added by Gguywesker101 on Aug 01 2014, 23:14
my deepest apology that i have not uploaded the last season of "tales of the cobra",it's already finished and awaits upload,but i have been caught up with Machinima directing and had no time for DYOM or gta in that matter (haven't uploaded tales of the cobras here due to for some reason not being able to upload,so the file is on 4shared and the links to season 2 and 1 are on the forums...cause of this bug O_O...Tales of the Cobras is my best creation yet and i will do my best to get it deli

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