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"Ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country."


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Jan 09 '19
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Oct 21 '20
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A San Andreas Story 2Jan 09 2019, 12:16-176790
A San Andreas StoryJan 09 2019, 12:1653191440
K.A.C.C. ShootoutMar 07 2019, 18:47-881530
The San Fierro Crime SyndicateApr 20 2019, 18:21-282880
The UndertakingApr 20 2019, 18:54-155550
Operation KingfishApr 28 2019, 20:29-1521450
Second Cold WarDec 21 2019, 19:25-175660
Operation KingslayerSep 08 2020, 20:42-2690


Added by yasashakeel@gmail.co on Sep 16 2020, 12:04
Greetings friend !

How yo doing ? So you are from Greece while I am from Pakistan A Muslim country . So I came here to invite you to a WhatsApp Dyom Group created by me a few days ago . It will be benificial for you if you want to join . You can ask bout dyom there we can guide you easily . And I hope that you will become a great dyom designer soon . You have two ways to join . You can give your number I mean contact no to me so I can add you in the group easily . Or you can click the invite link given b
Added by yasashakeel@gmail.co on Sep 16 2020, 12:06
Sorry here's the link to join the WhatsApp group :


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