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MembergroupDYOM Designer
BirthdateFebruary 24
RespectListDutchy3010 and PatrickW for creating DYOM. Very good job.
King and Martincho for the support offered to me. Thank you.
R1X4FIN for making the most exciting missions I've ever played , and for the support. Keep up the good work!
Zohair for making Tomb Raider. Good job , keep it up!
basketziga for creating Dead World , an awesome story of a zombie apocalypse. Very well! Keep doing these kind of missions!
All creators of the pinned missions. Respect!
Gtaforums.com UsernameCJ452


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Sep 08 '12
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Nov 25 '21
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59 Avg: 4.8
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Taste the bloodSep 09 2012, 12:17-5656640
Ship's AttackedSep 11 2012, 10:48-5866860
This is an announceOct 15 2012, 21:26-5296790
Mt. Chilliad Secret Base Part 1 The TraiNov 05 2012, 18:44-5776631
Mt. Chilliad Secret Base Part 2 The TraiNov 05 2012, 18:47-5737072
Mt. Chilliad Secret Base Part 3 Lost in Nov 09 2012, 19:04-6388011
The SWAT Team Part 1Jan 06 2013, 17:11-72010470
Phone Ring ... Mission PackJan 07 2013, 17:42-7601950
The SWAT Team Part 2Jan 07 2013, 22:52-6457820
Life Of A Teenager SEASON 1Jan 19 2013, 14:16-9832970
Life Of a Teenager SEASON3 (FINAL SEASONJan 25 2013, 18:26-7822050
The Apocalypse War ... The BeginningJan 26 2013, 16:24-6388670
The Apocalypse War ... The StoryJan 26 2013, 16:25-5858290
Life Of a Teenager SEASON2Jan 26 2013, 16:26-6611700
Life Of a Teenager SEASON2Jan 26 2013, 16:27-8112200
The Apocalypse War EP. 1: Searching for Jan 31 2013, 20:05-6168340
The Apocalypse War Ep. 2: Way trough LVPFeb 01 2013, 18:04-66210010
The Apocalypse War Ep. 3: Nightmare on GFeb 02 2013, 09:50-63710280
The Apocalypse War Ep. 4: The virus sourFeb 02 2013, 10:48-5858430
Apocalypse War Ep. 5: The Hell of Los SaFeb 04 2013, 18:36-5399680
The Apocalypse War Ep.6: End of AllFeb 04 2013, 19:45-5937900
The Apocalypse War Ep.6: End of All PartFeb 04 2013, 19:46-6177410
War over San Andreas Chapter 1 (missionpFeb 05 2013, 22:15-8692473
GTA SA: Death Of Tenpenny: ConsequencesFeb 10 2013, 13:3659899914
War over San Andreas Chapter 2 (missionpFeb 14 2013, 21:54-7532140
Stories of Carl Johnson Chapter 1Feb 18 2013, 21:32-8522490
New York Stories: IntroductionFeb 23 2013, 12:46-4928000
New York Stories: Episode 1Feb 23 2013, 13:21-5146750
New York Stories: Episode 2Feb 23 2013, 21:36-5157640
New York Stories: Episode 3Feb 25 2013, 23:41-4816350
New York Stories: Episode 4Mar 08 2013, 14:45-4746790
Two Days Before Hell 1Mar 10 2013, 19:36-7352070
New York Stories: Episode 5Mar 13 2013, 19:23-4717220
New York Stories: Episode 6Mar 13 2013, 19:25-4538300
The Hidden [Under Cover] - IntroductionMar 24 2013, 12:34-4627911
The Hidden - A Meet With An Old Friend [Mar 27 2013, 21:2754529182
The Hidden - The Kidnapper [Eps. 2]Mar 28 2013, 18:5955047252
The Hidden - New Enemy [Eps. 3]Mar 30 2013, 16:38-4606920
The Hidden - The Guy Behind Everything [Mar 31 2013, 14:42-4226810
The Hidden - The Truth [Eps. 5]Apr 02 2013, 15:58-4487690
The Hidden - Unexpected [Eps. 6]Apr 15 2013, 18:21-4496990
Drug Deposit (EDITED)Apr 19 2013, 09:34-5017440
Cj Does Some Parkour [EDITED] !Apr 30 2013, 09:4457227547
Transporter REMOVED MISSIONMay 05 2013, 18:2555466094
Project Omega: The AssaultMay 07 2013, 14:224.56788384
End Of The World S.A.:Attack At The BaseMay 13 2013, 20:5055918322
End Of The World S.A.:IntroMay 13 2013, 20:50-5927440
End Of The World S.A.: Welcome to VenturMay 21 2013, 19:3655898891
Message for everyoneJun 01 2013, 15:02-4616913
Prison Escape Part 2Jun 05 2013, 21:30-5197090
Prison Escape Part 1Jun 05 2013, 21:31-7218450
End Of The World S.A.: New CompanyJun 08 2013, 11:5946137042
End Of The World S.A: Hell UnleashedJun 28 2013, 14:2456448434
Gangsters of San AndreasJul 05 2013, 18:4756977721
Revenge of the brother: Part 1Jul 24 2013, 13:39-4898850
Revenge of the brother: Part 2Jul 24 2013, 13:40-4631520
End Of The World S.A.: More TroubleAug 06 2013, 11:03-5716300
WWZ: World War Z: Trailer: Apocalyptic WNov 22 2013, 20:173.678897364
T.G.B.:The Green Beret - First EncounterJul 24 2016, 22:57-8096311


Added by R1X4FIN on Jan 29 2013, 19:42
it worked when i tryed every mission myself. So i don't know what's the problem
Added by R1X4FIN on Jan 29 2013, 19:44
try open it with winRaR
Added by R1X4FIN on Jan 31 2013, 22:03
just do as many enemy actors you want then do objectives->actor->weapons->ammunations->animation->and then but his health and other things and then just choose: Kill whole gang (: and im glad you liked the missions (:
Added by R1X4FIN on Mar 20 2013, 15:12
im from finland :D
Added by King on Mar 29 2013, 14:20
If you want to know how rate the mission it is so easy
move the mouse to down of mission statitic you can see 5 star who has gray color then appear more star Click on any star as row
If you will click on 1st star mission will be rate one star and you click on 5th star mission will be rate to 5star .
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 22 2013, 10:35
Thanks a lot.
Added by CJ452 on Apr 24 2013, 18:12
No problem :)
Added by guribirring on Apr 28 2013, 09:59
cj452 i got no error in driver mission
Added by CJ452 on Apr 30 2013, 08:58
guribirring that mission that you're talking about is Transporter. I'm sorry if you think i stole it from you. I didn't.
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 30 2013, 09:49
I have uploaded Mysterious Caverns 2.
I hope you like it. And do not forget to provide feedback once you have played it. Also mention about the relics. This time they are a bit tricky.
Link : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/25175
Added by guribirring on May 01 2013, 18:07
OH NO you think wrong i don't think about transporter.

i talking about your comment which you post in my driver mission.got it

i don't mind if any one steal my mission you know i am not pro so, if they stolen i think they did better from me ok

and thanx for advise i am try to work as you advise play my new mission MI6 test
Added by R1X4FIN on May 04 2013, 12:05
i don't get mad to you :D if you think it sucks then it suck i don't care what you say about my missions thanks for saying. But i don't think that they are same kind or the trailers but say what you say :D your missions aren't perfect either
Added by Zohair Irani on May 04 2013, 20:47
Its easy,
1) Add objective - Special Player objective - Teleport to Car - There choose a bike with whatever settings u want .
DO NOT FORGET 'DRIVE - BY' OPTION, in the last option of teleport to car settings and SET IT 'ON'.
If you keep it off, then player wont be able to shoot from his vehicle.
Hope this helps.
Added by CJ452 on May 05 2013, 01:12
Thanks Zohair
Added by basketziga on May 05 2013, 11:24
thank you CJ452 for 5 stars and adding me to your respectlist ;D
Added by R1X4FIN on May 05 2013, 15:41
i put them to looks like that they are dropped from somewhere because it's realistic it would look stupid if there's everywhere some object and there's no reason why they are in there and thats why i do that in every mission where the san andreas is ''abandoned''
Added by R1X4FIN on May 06 2013, 10:54
well it's still realistic in every kind of chaos there can be fallen cranes and other stuff and nobody else isn't have't complained about those because maybe everyone else think that it's is just realistic. and it's pretty hard to do over 80 missions which every one is fully different. but thanks for feedback every comment helps me to be better :D
Added by Martincho on May 12 2013, 20:07
Added by King on May 14 2013, 04:43
I also check your profile daily but now i am bit busy because i am going on work om 7.00am to 19.00pm there for i am busy now a days
Added by King on May 14 2013, 18:02
I am 17Years 9 Months old guy.
Added by LucayOrlando on May 26 2013, 23:45
Hey Where Is Martincho Now?
Added by CJ452 on May 27 2013, 20:40
I don't know... ?!
Added by LucayOrlando on May 27 2013, 21:25
Tennis Elbow
Added by R1X4FIN on Jun 03 2013, 17:15
Added by R1X4FIN on Jun 08 2013, 23:01
sure. i can try it
Added by R1X4FIN on Jun 11 2013, 21:17
i am honest i really liked it i don't give 5 starts if they doesn't deserve it :D and thanks for saying my missions are cool (:
Added by R1X4FIN on Jun 14 2013, 18:38
whats up? wanna try my new mission pack named: The ghost mountain 2
Added by R1X4FIN on Jun 16 2013, 14:56
thanks man :D
Added by R1X4FIN on Jul 11 2013, 19:57
sup? try out my new mission pack: San Fierro As An Battlefield
Added by R1X4FIN on Jul 14 2013, 13:57
Thanks man! i'm glad you liked it :D
Added by CJ452 on Aug 06 2013, 11:08
Still thinking about how to make the Prison Escape Part 3 mission. Any ideas , maybe?!
Added by R1X4FIN on Aug 27 2013, 15:32
yes i used camera hack... i don't know why your cam hack does that it works just fine when i use it but when i drive same time when i wan't to take a picture with cam hack then the cam hack goes where it wants and i can't control it
Added by R1X4FIN on Nov 18 2013, 01:59
hey! good to see you again! and yeah i have to complete it like an professional because it's my mission that would be bad if i couldn't finish it :D
Added by R1X4FIN on Nov 23 2013, 08:49
im good. allright i'm gonna try the new missions then i think i'm gonna like them. well nobody else haven't complained that they don't understand me and i don't think that you speak english much better than me you can say that you speak english very good but prove it to me then
Added by R1X4FIN on Nov 23 2013, 23:22
make a video with your voice? yeah we're still friends. i don't speak english very well because i haven't spoke it very often it's gonna take some time that i could speak fluent english (:
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 04 2014, 19:55
Your missions is so cool:-)
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 04 2014, 19:57
Every missions is awesome:-)
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 04 2014, 19:59
Can you check my mission cj452 i hope you enjoy:-D
Added by CoalMan11 on Jan 05 2014, 14:31
poftim primul comentariu in romana :)
Added by R1X4FIN on Jan 19 2014, 12:08
thanks (:
Added by QaiserH on Feb 11 2014, 04:17
Great Mission Dude
Added by R1X4FIN on Nov 07 2014, 16:49
Hi, yeah i only have internet in My Phone so i haven't been uploading missions in the long time.
Added by Valeriu. on Jan 11 2016, 14:59
tot esti Roman?
Added by R1X4FIN on Jul 28 2016, 21:22
yeah, nothing much same as always trying to make new missions but i'm out of inspiration i have a lot of missions undone because i don't know how to complete them and i don't have much time to make missions because of my job :D you?
Added by R1X4FIN on Mar 12 2017, 00:11
yeah i don't check dyom very often myself. Nice i tought you don't make missions anymore :D i'm doing a storyline and few mission packs but i'm kinda stuck in them and i don't know what to do on next mission :D and my storyline keeps crashing so i can't even try will it work or not i have tried to fix it but it won't work :/
Added by R1X4FIN on Oct 20 2018, 20:40
yeah, same here i've been making this one mission pack over an year and i'm only at mission 3 and i'm out of ideas too :D

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