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My future proyects:

•Madd Dogg's shootout: OG Loc has returned from a long period of poverty, now he is goin to return to the music world and that won't be something for Dogg. (31%)
•Rising in the states - E1: Jeff has recently came from Liberty City to Los Santos looking for a new life, but when he goes to the crimes world he won't only get a new life, he'll be the most important criminal in San Andreas. (7.3%)
•The empire of one man - E1: Francis is a vagabond that has been recruited by one of the richest guy in Los Santos, Phil Carrison, now he'll be his bodyguard for some money and a house. (28.9%)


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationRepublic of Argentina
Birthdate04/05 (April 5th)
RespectListEvery single creator in the DYOM page :)
Gtaforums.com UsernameBladeXRG


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Nov 23 '19
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