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I'm a breathing human who makes DYOM missions because idk what else to do and most of the time I check DYOM missions in the website. Hope u like my missions lol cuz I try my best! :3

Horror Story (I accidentally deleted it, F)
50 Random Things To Do (Pt 2)


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RespectListreally kool people that are currently in my respectlist:
Gtaforums.com Usernametoo lazy to make acc


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Apr 17 '20
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Aug 08 '20
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Big Smoke Boss BattleMay 21 2020, 20:362.5137642
Survival! (Pt. 1)Jun 12 2020, 18:023.3378226
50 Random Things To Do (Pt. 1)Aug 02 2020, 21:23539164


Added by Creative845 on May 26 2020, 12:10
Added by Creative845 on May 28 2020, 06:18
Why don't you make another mission, bro?
Added by Robert17 on Jun 10 2020, 15:19
i didnt expect anyone to come and comment in my profile lol. My brain is empty and i have 2 missions that i am working on rn.
Added by Mikolajek451 on Jun 14 2020, 13:52
cool hope u improve
Added by Robert17 on Jun 24 2020, 00:16
thank u :)
Added by Haythem on Jul 01 2020, 16:05
i forgive u
Added by Mikolajek451 on Jul 02 2020, 15:03
i'm literally putting "cool hope you improve" back - the way that you interact with people in the DYOM discord community is absolutely sick, like with your friend MichaelPytlis or whatever his name is. You wishing people to kill themselfs? Are you fucking sure about your behaviour? You are making yourself a laughing stock. Althrough Michael is doing very good missions, but his attitude, reactions towards other people, calling them "losers" above his missions, for not understanding really
Added by Mikolajek451 on Jul 02 2020, 15:05
his mission problems. Like same you insulted one mission, where it was sarcasticly done, joking about "Haythem" missions - do you actually understand, that that was sarcams? And oh let me tell you, you insult EXACTLY same missions, because u are tired of seeing "Kill CJ missions"
Added by Mikolajek451 on Jul 02 2020, 15:06
You see, how much "traitor" and phony you are? First you hate that type of creators, but if somebody makes a joke missions towards other person, for making a "bad" mission, you support him? It's that like split personalities that i see here? Anyway, hope you're getting reported for toxic behaviour. You can report me - i don't care
Added by Mikolajek451 on Jul 02 2020, 15:08
I wanted to delete my account so it doesen't really matter, because of how much haters are here, who rate good missions bad, because "it was hard" - yeah you done that one time. Hope you feel guilty - and also, lots of people are hating you for what are you doing. Thanks for understanding.
Added by Robert17 on Jul 05 2020, 15:51
Mikolajek, I know you're GuapoJohn, and I wished I told you that before you left the Discord Server. And I was afraid you will eventually come and expose me. And first of all, when did I wish them to kill themselves. wtf? I don't know who are you talking about. And also, Michael isn't my friend because I barely know him.
Added by Robert17 on Jul 05 2020, 15:54
And second of all, kill cj missions are bad because it's obvious, they're way too overrated and make no sense. BUT, I'm not the guy who's going to waste his time to make a mission about ridiculing and harrassing other DYOM creators, because that's totally stupid.
Added by Robert17 on Jul 05 2020, 16:00
And making missions like these isn't actually GOOD sarcasm. I'm not actually "insulting" the missions, I just called them bad,. and that's my honest opinion about them. When you said I insulted them, you actually mean that I "speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse", which I did not. All I did was just tell an honest opinion.
Added by Robert17 on Jul 05 2020, 16:05
And btw, how do I interact with people in DYOM discord community really sick? I don't really understand. I mean, sometimes I get into an argument with someone but eventually we become good friends and sort things out.
Added by Robert17 on Jul 05 2020, 16:10
Tbh mikolajek, I thought you were a really good guy at first, I REALLY did.
Added by Robert17 on Jul 05 2020, 16:15
You go trash talk about me behind my back in discord, really interesting.
Added by Andriuxa on Aug 02 2020, 21:31
Robert17 GuapoJohn is Mikolajek? WTF? That guy is an asshole and he's just really stupid...
Added by Andriuxa on Aug 02 2020, 21:35
I remember a few years back i made a video about him on youtube talking bout how retarded he is (because he really is) and he "had a mental breakdown" and told me that "cops are gonna come to my house" lol can you believe that?
Added by Andriuxa on Aug 02 2020, 21:39
I also used to think that Mikolajek was a good guy... Then I saw who he really was.
Added by Robert17 on Aug 03 2020, 20:39
Same dude, I really thought he was cool too.
Added by dyom kid abd gta on Aug 06 2020, 12:41
i am good job
Added by Robert17 on Aug 07 2020, 15:36

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