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Below you'll see missions that i'm currently working/gonna work on. MOTW missions will not be listed.

End Of The Line RemakeIt's nothing other than just some remake of the final mission. There will be SD audio files for the in game dialogue and cutscenes. I have to make this DYOM mission as identical as possible with the storyline.

Below you'll see mission packs that I'm currently working/gonna work on.

Running CatA homie betrayed Grove Street and became a drug dealer. the OG homies have to chase him down before he becomes a drug lord and rule Los Santos.
SurvivalIt's about surviving waves by killing a bunch of enemies, that's all there's to it. I scrapped part 1 and decided to make this whole thing from scratch. This is gonna be some kind of a mission pack that's gonna have different difficulties, such as Easy, Normal and Hard.


MembergroupDYOM Designer
Birthdateur mom's
Gtaforums.com UsernameRobert17


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Apr 17 '20
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Jan 18 '22
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10 Avg: 3.3
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1 Avg: 5.0
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Big Smoke Boss BattleMay 21 2020, 20:362.893372433
Actor Phone Call Animation!Aug 09 2020, 19:2242782320
Hunting BigfootSep 07 2020, 18:323.33214762
Hunting Leatherface (Sequel)Oct 31 2020, 22:563.671531413
50 Random Things To Do (UNFINISHED)Nov 08 2020, 15:043.671902205
[MOTW#170] Madd Dogg's MansionNov 21 2020, 21:284.173352215
[MOTW#175] Kill CJFeb 10 2021, 17:443.254562534
Never Gonna Give You UpApr 16 2021, 20:472.5202360
Survival! (Pt. 1) (SCRAPPED)Sep 04 2021, 23:243.52192006
[MOTW#200] Cuban CrisisJan 02 2022, 12:222.585520

Text Tutorial List

DYOM IX Animations List (v3.1)Jan 14 2022, 12:0837


Added by Creative845 on May 26 2020, 12:10
Added by Creative845 on May 28 2020, 06:18
Why don't you make another mission, bro?
Added by Robert17 on Jun 10 2020, 15:19
i didnt expect anyone to come and comment in my profile lol. My brain is empty and i have 2 missions that i am working on rn.
Added by Mikolajek451 on Jun 14 2020, 13:52
cool hope u improve
Added by Robert17 on Jun 24 2020, 00:16
thank u :)
Added by Haythem on Jul 01 2020, 16:05
i forgive u
Added by Angry People at Camp on Sep 02 2020, 21:41
Added by Robert17 on Sep 05 2020, 13:47
Added by Robert17 on Sep 29 2020, 14:18
bruh no
Added by Mr.M on Nov 13 2020, 21:07
Hey Robert17 its me Mr.M, i'm here just to say hi and i'd like to comment your profile.

And i want to say your missions are good and i literally enjoy it.
and my best mission its the 50 Random things to do, my favorite part was the coffin dance, continue bro you are good :D
Added by Mr.M on Nov 17 2020, 17:08
hi !
Added by Robert17 on Nov 17 2020, 17:40
Thanks man, i'm glad you enjoy my missions. Unfortunately, the part 2 of "50 Random Things To Do" is discontinued because I accidentally deleted that DYOM.dat file then i've realized few days later, and that's not the first time it happened.
Added by Mr.M on Nov 18 2020, 15:12
Sorry to hear that, I know what it feels like when you get tired of making a mission and then realize that it has been deleted.
Frankly it usually happens to me.
DAMN IT !!!!!
Good Luck bro i know you can do it!

Greats From Mr.M.
Added by Robert17 on Nov 19 2020, 11:22
Thanks! :D
Added by Mr.M on Nov 21 2020, 16:34
hey Robert.
just want to say hello my friend and i will play your new mission.
well to be honest with you man.
i wish i have a lot of downloads like you, dude you are awesome.
by the way i want to say can you please play my new Mp (ROTS)
give me your feedback. thanks.
Added by Mr.M on Nov 22 2020, 18:25
hey Robert
if you want to talk to each other here's the discord server link.
I don't know why they kick for a moments ago, and i'm not sure if they gonna accept me.
Added by Robert17 on Nov 23 2020, 10:59
Hi Mr M.
You were kicked by the altidentifier bot because you didn't verify. You should verify for the bot to accept you in the server.
If you can't then you should direct message RithRake24 about it.
Added by Mr.M on Nov 23 2020, 11:12
well, I don't how, man
I'm new in Discord, so forgive me if I disturb you.
I think I might stay in DYOM and completing my missions
Added by Mr.M on Nov 23 2020, 11:12
sorry I mean I don't know how, LOL
Added by Robert17 on Nov 23 2020, 21:47
Well your choice then.
Added by The Monster on Mar 10 2021, 22:07
hey can you help Robert17?
Added by Robert17 on Mar 14 2021, 13:12
I haven't checked my profile for quite a long time. What is it?
Added by shinka on Sep 17 2021, 03:57
helo cat meow
Added by Robert17 on Dec 24 2021, 11:29
ur mother

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