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Hi! and welcome to After San Andreas' profile. Here you will find storylines and MP's with an almost sick attention to detail.
I hope you'd like my work. If you do, rate it! If not, advise me to improve!

Coming soon... (DEMO DOWNLOAD)

What is it about? It's about the love of Gerard and his beloved, Irene. And how this love crosses the limits of life and death. Gerard makes a pact with Lucifer himself to return from the dead and fulfill his goal of ending the lives of the men who murdered him. Along the way though, he begins to doubt the veracity of his intentions and will recall traumas from his childhood that will explain how he got to hell in the first place.

Not Coming so soon...

What is it about? After a long time away from his friends and colleagues, Randall returns to Glen Park to defend Kilo Tray Ballas while risking his life harming enemy gangs. But little by little everything will get out of control, and Randall will not know which side he will be on.

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