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I am a DYOM mission designer from Lithuania.

Missions / Mission packs I'm currently working on:

Life of The Ballas [CHAPTER 2] - 37,5% Complete


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Jul 13 '20
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Feb 28 '21
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
[JOKE MISSION] Ceejays cooking showAug 03 2020, 08:44575212
[MP] Life of the BallasAug 11 2020, 15:425180665


Added by Robert17 on Aug 20 2020, 21:27
Are you gonna post more missions and MPs?
Added by Andriuxa on Aug 21 2020, 14:27
robert17 i dunno man, i dont really have any motivation to make any missions let alone mission packs right now...
Added by Robert17 on Aug 22 2020, 23:58
its normal to not have any motivation rn, its ur choice.
Added by Andriuxa on Aug 23 2020, 16:49
OK, I FINALLY made mission #3 of Life of the Ballas [Chapter 2]
The whole chapter might be finished during the following week.
Added by Robert17 on Aug 25 2020, 13:08
thats nice
Added by yasashakeel@gmail.co on Nov 09 2020, 17:46
Hi there Designer ,
It's requested to join the Dyom WhatsApp Group which has been made by me several weeks ago and the main purpose of it is that you can share your thoughts about dyom and all the general talk and stuff like that . You can join anytime by copying the following link and pasting it in your search bar . Thanks for your precious time :

Added by Andriuxa on Nov 09 2020, 20:44
suk kok nigga

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